Warning Signs Of A Ruptured Spleen

February 13, 2024

Medical emergencies such as a ruptured spleen are not uncommon. The spleen is a vital organ that helps individuals fight infection by filtering the bloodstream, and it’s located under the rib cage to the left side of the body. While it can be removed and individuals may live the rest of their lives without any health concerns, it’s important to know it can rupture and cause a serious medical emergency. The most common cause of a ruptured spleen is a sudden hit to the abdomen. This could be due to a fall, fight, accident, or even a sports injury. Internal bleeding can occur quickly and cause death if individuals do not have a ruptured spleen treated right away. Here are the symptoms of a ruptured spleen individuals must be on the lookout for.

Left Shoulder Pain

It might not seem at all related to the spleen, but left shoulder pain is one of the most common symptoms of a ruptured spleen. If an individual has been involved in a car accident or a sporting accident and then feels shoulder pain on the left side, they should get to the hospital immediately. There is no time to sit around and wonder if their injuries are more serious than they seem. If the shoulder pain did not come after an injury or blow to the abdomen, individuals might not have anything to worry about. Left shoulder pain can occur anytime and for any reason, but it’s especially worrisome following an accident or injury. It’s also worrisome when it’s accompanied by any of the other symptoms on this list. It’s always safer to consult with a medical professional about this type of pain, so patients should call their doctor if they feel their shoulder pain is not going away or might be related to something worse.

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Pain In The Upper Left Abdomen

The spleen is located in the upper left abdomen, so it’s not uncommon for an individual to feel pain here when they have a ruptured spleen. Again, following a hit or an accident, it’s imperative to seek medical attention right away if this pain is present. It’s always possible the pain is unrelated to the spleen, but patients can die from internal bleeding if they do not treat a ruptured spleen right away. This is one of the primary examples of why it’s so important to seek medical help following a car accident, even if individuals don’t see any noticeable injuries. These internal injuries are deadly, and they don’t always appear noticeable immediately. The faster a ruptured spleen is treated, the more likely it is patients will recover from this injury and live a long life. If this pain is accompanied by pain in the left shoulder, it’s almost always indicative of a ruptured spleen.

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Lightheadedness Or Dizziness

When unaccompanied by other symptoms, lightheadedness or dizziness might not seem like a big deal. An individual could be hungry because they haven’t eaten or they could be ill. There is any number of reasons patients might experience dizziness or lightheadedness, but it’s especially important to pay attention to this following a fight or accident. Even if individuals don’t believe they have a ruptured spleen, this kind of symptom following an accident could be indicative of other health problems. If an individual did get hit in the abdomen in an accident, sporting event, or fight, this could just be the first symptom of a ruptured spleen to appear. Patients should take note of this, and call their doctor right away. It could be a head injury too, and since these are dangerous, it’s important or patients find someone else to drive them to the doctor.

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Confusion may occur due to a ruptured spleen. While patients might experience some form of confusion for many reasons, it’s more likely a sign of a ruptured spleen when it’s accompanied by any of the other symptoms on this list. If patients are not involved in a car accident, did not fall, were not in a fight, or did not play any sports recently, they might feel confused for another reason. Illness, head injuries, stress, and even a lack of sleep can all contribute to confusion. However, individuals should be very aware of this side effect if they were injured in the abdomen. If they’re confused, have pain in their left abdomen or left shoulder, and are feeling dizzy or lightheaded, they should get to the doctor right away. It’s always better to seek immediate medical care for something like this than it is to ignore it too long.

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Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is most often associated with head injuries, but it’s not limited to them. It might be due to any number of injuries or illnesses, but it’s most commonly associated with a ruptured spleen when it’s accompanied by the other symptoms discussed. Even if it is a standalone symptom following a fight or accident, patients should call their doctor. Doctors might need to test patients for a head injury to be sure the blurred vision is not a result of head trauma. Patients might notice one or two of these symptoms, but might not notice more than one. It’s still important to see a doctor when injured to rule out any injuries or to diagnose them faster. Quick medical treatment can be the difference between life and death, and it can cause also make treatment a lot easier and more successful.

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