Mistakes To Avoid During Pregnancy

You may know what your eating habits should be, how much you should be exercising and other aspects of a healthy pregnancy, but there may be some finer details you’re not aware of. There are common mistakes that first-time mothers make due to lack of knowledge. It’s not too late to rectify whatever mistakes you’ve made and create a smooth path for your pregnancy.

Not Eating Enough Daily

Healthy pregnancy eating

Previous to pregnancy, your daily caloric intake should be from 1,800 to 2,000 calories. When you become pregnant, you’ll need about 300 more calories daily to ensure the fetus grows and develops properly. Many women assume you need to eat double the amount of calories daily but this is counterproductive to the health of your baby.

Gaining an excess of weight while you’re pregnant puts you at risk for gestational diabetes or preeclampsia which can force a C-section during delivery. It also puts you at risk for other health issues after delivery. It’s better to stick to three portion of nutritious foods daily such as fruit, green stocks, raw vegetables, nuts and eggs. Stay hydrated to ensure that hunger pangs are held at bay.


Medication - Over the Counter - otc

While you may think medicine is anti-depressant or other strong drugs, it’s even recommended that you stop taking seemingly harmless medications and treatments. Antacids, paracetamol and acne creams are equally as harmful. Over the counter medicines and harsh beauty treatments can have adverse effects on your pregnancy.

Congenital abnormalities in your baby are a possibility.

Only take pills that your doctor prescribes to you. Any vitamins or supplements that a doctor recommends are to help you meet requirements of your health during pregnancy. If they are making you nauseous, speak with your doctor so they can recommend another brand. If you’re experiencing acid reflux or headaches, seek advice from your doctor instead of self-medicating.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Beautiful woman sleeping and smiles in his sleep in bed

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to give yourself the necessary rest you need. Whatever your workload was before you got pregnant, it’s time to slow down. There are hormonal and physical changes that occur when you’re pregnant and your body requires rest. You will already be fatigued from the body changes you experience so sleeping less will only add to this.

If you’re sleeping less than six hours a day, it’s time to get more. You’ll need to be fit as you go through labor and delivery. Try to get to bed earlier and wake up later. If you’re falling behind on duties, ask your family to help out or hire a housekeeper. Talk to your employer about the possibility of taking power naps during your breaks. Nap during your lunch hour if possible. With all of this said, make sure not to oversleep. Oversleeping can become a problem after the delivery if your baby has erratic sleep schedules. Your body will be craving sleep you can’t give it.

Not Exercising

Woman fitness exercise

Perhaps you didn’t like exercise prior to your pregnancy but it’s a necessary part of having a healthy pregnancy. If you don’t exercise when you’re pregnant, this is very harmful to your body. Exercise will help boost your circulation, prepare the body for the hard work out of labor and delivery as well as combat stress hormones.

If you weren’t exercising before pregnancy, start as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor if you don’t know where to start or what your limitations are. If you’re working with a trainer, talk with them about creating a regimen that works for pregnancy. Do not put pressure on your stomach muscles while working out. Also, don’t take on new workout challenges. Walks after dinner and pregnancy yoga are two great ways to exercise.

Not Planning Out Your Birth

Woman Giving Birth

Think about the details of how you want your birth to be. Women that have previously given birth will tell you it’s very emotional. You’ll want to ensure your desires are met by choosing a clinic or hospital and a doctor that will meet your specific needs.

Do some research on the types of births available. If you’re looking for hypnobirthing or a water birth, ask your hospital to administer this service. Start by writing out a clear birth plan on what you want and how to meet your desires. Do you feel comfortable with your doctor currently or the hospital you’ll give birth in? If you don’t, inquire about other practitioners in the area.