Foods To Forever Remove From The Fridge And The Mind

When trying to eat healthily, one of the hardest things to do is to clean out the house and get rid of foods that will derail your plan. There are always temptations to eat something that's tasty but isn't necessarily all that beneficial. That's why one of the best ways to ensure you eat clean as much as possible is to purge the cupboards and the fridge. Here's a good list of some foods to remove from your fridge, and what you can use as a substitute.

Forget About Flavored Yogurt


One of the biggest problems in the dairy industry is how many perceive flavored yogurt as being a healthy choice. Unfortunately, these products might as well be called Fruity Flavored Sugar Bombs. They are literally laced with so much sugar that you might as well freebase it into your veins. But don't. Instead, choose probiotic plain, natural yogurt. It might taste a bit bitter at first, but it can be sweetened with a touch of fresh local honey. This will reduce the number of sugars being consumed, while also supporting gut health, and improving personal immunity.

Say Goodbye To Soft drinks


Everyone knows that it's not a good idea to drink regular soft drinks when trying to eat healthier foods. But what some don't know is that even low calorie or no calorie soft drinks aren't good either. Many of these drinks have compositions that further dehydrate the consumer. It is much better if you get used to drinking water instead. Carry a water bottle where ever you go, drink from it often, and refill it every time it is emptied. This practice will ensure that you get your eight servings of water per day, and can also reduce the number of plastic water bottles being produced and thrown away.

Put Down The Pickles


Pickles are tasty, crunchy additions to a sandwich or meal. But unfortunately, they are laced with salts and nitrates that are not beneficial to people who are trying to eat clean. Naturally, fermented saur kraut is a far better option, as it not only has the benefits of the cabbage family but also is loaded with probiotics, which can improve gut health. Kimchi is another good choice and is a tasty addition to many meals. Best of all, it is fairly easy to make and keep in the refrigerator.

Ditch The Butter and Margarine


Both butter and margarine are bad choices and should get tossed as quickly as possible. That's because both of these products increase the body's levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) which causes clogged arteries and heart disease. In order to reduce LDL's and increase HDLs (good cholesterol), it's possible to use a couple different options, depending on their use. Coconut oil is a good margarine substitute; it has good healthy fats and has a delicate flavor that can be used as a spread on bread and can even be used in light cooking. Avocados are a good substitute for butter if being spread on bread. However, where butter would normally be used for sauteing, use a lesser amount or, if possible, use a cooking spray.

Whole Milk Is Wholly Bad


Whole milk, particularly milk which is organic, might sound like a healthy choice to many. However, whole milk can have as much as twenty percent milk fat, particularly if the cream has not been removed. This is a high, bad-fat option that just doesn't belong in the fridge anymore. Skim milk is over processed and can taste watery. Nut milks like coconut, hemp, or almond milk for a healthier choice, and taste great when blended into smoothies. Best of all, nut milk also has more protein than whole milk.

Skip The Mayo


You must know by now that mayonnaise is far too fatty to stay in the fridge. Give mayo it's eviction notice and replace it with mustard. Mustards of all kinds are made with vinegar, herbs and seasonings, and mustard seed. If you crave the fatty feel that mayo can add to a sandwich, try using avocado instead. It's creamy texture and rich flavor provides far healthier options to the diet than mayo can give. And if your taste buds can't handle living without mayo, try purchasing only a small bottle of the stuff, and use only small amounts, blended with chipotle sauce, pesto, or other herbs and spices.

Cranberry And Apple Juices Gotta Go


Cranberry and apple juice might have been staples in your fridge forever but they don't belong there if you're trying to eat healthier. Both of these juices are high in sugars and processors often add sugars to them in order to increase their shelf life and to improve their flavor. This high sugar content really is not good for the digestive tract and can wreak havoc on a healthy gut. Choose juices made from concord grapes or tart cherries instead. As much as a cup of these juices a day can be beneficial. But, even better consider these drinks as only an occasional treat, as they too have sugars which, if consumed too often, can increase blood sugar excessively.

Dangerous Deli Meats


Deli meats may taste good, but they really aren't good for you. Most of these meats are heavily processed, filled with nitrates and salts that the body really doesn't need or want. Rather than eating these processed meats, consider making your own fresh cooked meats for your sandwiches and salads. Cook a whole chicken or turkey and then slice it into the cuts that you would use for your sandwiches. Portion out what you can use in the next few days, and freeze the rest in similar-sized portions. It's also possible to do this with beef and pork, roasting them and slicing them up for meals later on.

Creamy Dressings Clog Arteries


You might think that eating salad is a super healthy way to get your vegetables, but the moment you pour on a ton of blue cheese or ranch dressing, you might as well have gotten a greasy burger at the fast food joint down the road. Rather than using ranch or blue cheese dressing on salad or as a dip with vegetables, consider making your own creamy dressing using cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is much lower in those bad fats than the salad dressing and can be transformed by adding herbs and seasoning, or even just a bit of salsa or hot sauce.

Cut Out The Cheese Slices


Cheese slices may be convenient, but they are another food to remove from the fridge forever. Processed cheese slices are high in preservatives, which makes them a toxin to the body that you are trying to make healthy. Cheese may be high in fats, but some cheeses are healthier than others. For example, aged cheddar is easier for the body to digest (yes, even for those who are lactose intolerant). Raw local cheese can provide some great probiotic benefits to the diet. Aged gouda is also good for those who have lactose intolerance, as is most goat cheese. Choose these and you can still enjoy the taste of good cheese with less guilt.

Maude Stephany