Popular At Home Workouts You Can Do Without The Fancy Equipment

Strapped for time or money and cannot make it to the gym on a regular basis? Unable to buy exercise equipment like a treadmill for your home? There is no need to worry! Everyone can still maintain a quality fitness routine without a gym membership or fancy workout equipment in their home. If you combine this with Must-Try Healthy And Delicious Meals In Twenty Minutes Or Less, your healthy living will become so simple, it will shock you. All anyone needs to accomplish this is dedication and inspiration. Continue reading for details on popular workouts you can do in the comfort of your home without any of the fancy equipment.


All you need to practice yoga at home is a yoga mat, and following along with a yoga DVD or online video is a great way to familiarize yourself with different poses like Warrior One, Triangle, Downward Dog, and Child's Pose. A few significant benefits of practicing yoga regularly include decreased stress levels, increased flexibility, and even easing symptoms of mental illness. Besides these, many individuals have been able to use yoga as an effective weight loss tool. All you need to do is find the right video to get started. Look for fast-paced videos, since they will be far more likely to make you work up a sweat. They add the speed to make the poses even more challenging, particularly with the transitions between each pose.

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Although Pilates is closely related to yoga, since the only necessary item is a yoga mat and the poses are quite similar, there are some fundamental differences. One of these differences is pilates tends to make individuals work up more of a sweat and wake up with sore muscles the next day. Pilates keeps you moving, and only ever stopping for a couple of seconds. Popular moves in pilates include the criss-cross, which requires individuals to lie on their mat, bring their legs to a ninety-degree angle, put their hands behind their head, and perform crunches where they draw their left elbow to their right knee and right elbow to left knee while extending the other leg. Pilates also modifies yoga's traditional 'downward dog' by encouraging individuals to bring one leg up in a split, then drawing it through to touch their elbow before bringing it up to a split again.

In essence, every move in pilates will help get your blood pumping. While you do not need anything aside from a yoga mat for this workout, some moves will benefit from a resistance band.

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Zumba is an extremely popular cardio exercise based on Latin dance. You can find at least one class in most general gyms, and there are dedicated Zumba studios popping up seemingly everywhere. However, you do not need to attend a class at a gym or studio to reap the benefits of this exercise. You can do Zumba in the middle of your living room if you wish! All you need is a good pair of sneakers and a video to get started. There is a plethora of Zumba DVDs and online videos with quality instructors to help you. Once you are established enough, you can even create your own Zumba routines with Latin (or Latin-inspired) music. Zumba takes inspiration from popular Latin dances such as salsa, merengue, and cumbia. At its core, Zumba is about having fun, working up a sweat, and moving those hips!

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Bodyweight Exercises

You can reap a lot of rewards from just using your bodyweight in exercise. Think about push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, planks, burpees, and lunges. There are countless exercises and variations on them out there. Choose a variety of them, ensuring they target a wide range of your muscles, and build a customized exercise circuit for yourself. The timing and number of reps are entirely up to you but keep in mind effective home workouts, ones allowing you to burn more calories and improve your body, need you to work up a sweat and raise your heart rate. Try not to leave too much rest time in between each exercise to maintain a higher heart rate. Just remember to include a warm-up and cool-down period in your exercise circuit to avoid injuries.

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Walking Or Jogging

Okay, so while you can do this inside your home, you are better off going outside. The simplest and oldest workout out there is to go for a walk! Walk around your neighborhood or find a trail near you. Try brisk walking to help raise your heart rate, or even try a light jog to kick things up even further. You can, of course, stay inside and walk around your house and up and down the stairs if you have them, though you are limited with the amount of space, so jogging for most is out of the question. The good news, though, is all you need for this is your body and a pair of shoes before you are all set!

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Dancing Around The House

What music do you enjoy? Put it on and turn the volume up! Many individuals find simply dancing around their homes is a fantastic workout. Move your whole body and put as much enthusiasm into it as you can for the best results. You can even dance around while performing typical household chores like vacuuming the floors or folding laundry. Not only are you productive but you are also getting quality exercise in at the same time. Continue dancing with high energy and intensity for a minimum of thirty minutes to increase your heart rate and work up a sweat. Of course, the longer you dance, the more benefits you will get, but do not push your body too far, particularly if you are just starting out.

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Home Weight Lifting

Yes, lifting weights is an efficient way to build muscle strength. But you do not need traditional weights to enjoy the benefits of this exercise. All you need are conventional household items such as full containers of laundry detergent, heavy bags of flour or a canvas bag full of books. Anything heavy around your home can work! If you do not have one appropriate item, fill a durable canvas bag with smaller items until you hit the right weight for you. When in doubt, start out lighter and work your way to heavier objects; this will help you avoid straining your muscles while still building up your strength.

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