How Blackstrap Molasses Benefits Health

March 18, 2024

Blackstrap molasses is one of the healthiest sweeteners around. This form of sweetener is created as a byproduct when sugar cane is refined. When it is mashed to create juice, the sugar cane is boiled creating a syrup substance. When it is boiled a second time, it creates molasses. The third time the substance is boiled, it creates a dark liquid called blackstrap molasses. It contains the lowest sugar amount of any sugar cane product. However, unlike typical sugar, it has a ton of nutritional value. Refined sugar often doesn't have any nutritional value at all, but blackstrap molasses is considered a superfood. It has vital minerals and vitamins like vitamin B6 and iron.

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Manages Blood Sugar

One of the best health aspects of blackstrap molasses is it manages blood sugar. Though it scores a fifty-five on the glycemic index, only five points lower than refined sugar, it can help blood sugar remain stable in adults. Studies have shown it creates lower insulin and blood sugar than typical carbs. It also contains minerals like magnesium, selenium, iron, and potassium, which helps the body combat stress. The vitamins help regulate the hormones that control mood, preventing fatigue and depression. The high levels of chromium help promote glucose tolerance in the body. It signals the pathways in the bloodstreams that help control how much sugar the body takes in, which is what keeps the glucose in the blood balanced. It also provides a stable form of energy. When patients with diabetes were provided with a chromium supplement over the course of four months, they had lower insulin and cholesterol.

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Alleviates Iron Deficiency Anemia

Blackstrap molasses also alleviates iron deficiency anemia. Individuals with this kind of anemia do not have enough iron in the blood to create enough red blood cells, leaving them feeling tired and weak. Without enough iron, the body can't enough substance for the red blood cells to carry oxygen to the rest of the body. If someone has experienced fatigue, weakness, cold hands or feet, headaches, chest pain, or brittle nails, they might have anemia. Anemia is often caused by a lack of iron in the diet or the inability to absorb enough iron. Blackstrap molasses provides ninety-five percent of the recommended daily intake of iron. Individuals adding it to their diet can also improve their mood because iron balances the hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones. Without proper iron intake, the hormones cannot be synthesized properly. It can create poor sleeping habits, low energy, lack of motivation, poor mood, and even depression or anxiety.

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Promotes Strong Bones

Blackstrap molasses is also a great way to promote strong bones, which it does because the syrup has a high amount of calcium that helps the body create strong bones and healthy skin. The body loses calcium throughout the day through the hair, skin, nails, and sweat. However, it is not a mineral the human body creates naturally, which means we have to consume calcium-rich foods. It is one of the most important minerals because it keeps the bones strong. Most of the calcium is located in the teeth and other bones as a calcium deposit. It is required to grow bone tissue and maintain bone strength. When an individual is calcium deficient, their bones might become more pliable and weak, leading to more fractures and breaks. Thankfully, blackstrap molasses helps prevent brittle bones and reduce the risk of bone fractures.

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Lessens Inflammation

Blackstrap molasses lessens inflammation in the body because of the nutritional content. Eating this kind of molasses can help relieve chronic inflammation in the body, preventing many diseases caused by chronic inflammation. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help the body reduce inflammation, alleviating pain caused by arthritis or other inflammation. The antioxidants also help improve the overall health because it helps the cells prevent damage caused by free radicals. Blackstrap molasses is considered to be a part of an anti-inflammatory diet, easing rheumatism and arthritis. The nutrients contained in blackstrap molasses like the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants decrease swelling and inflammation in the body.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Blackstrap molasses lowers blood pressure with the potassium it contains. The syrup contains more than ten percent of the recommended daily potassium amounts. Potassium helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, creating an overall healthier body. Potassium also helps the body maintain hydration while cooperating with sodium to promote healthy cellular function. High blood pressure can be caused by a lack of necessary minerals, which can cause heart problems and hypertension. It helps stabilize the blood pressure so if patients have low blood pressure, consuming blackstrap molasses can help stabilize it. Low blood pressure is also caused by a lack of essential minerals.

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