Delicious Foods You Would Never Guess Were Vegan

June 10, 2024

It is a myth that people on a vegan diet have to give up all of their favorite snacks and treats. In fact, there are many everyday items that appear on today’s market shelves that are completely vegan. Because of this, becoming a vegan does not mean giving up the foods that people enjoy as treats. In addition, some of these foods mimic dairy or meat products. This means that they can be great for those transitioning from other diets.

Often people avoid some of these vegan items because it is an assumption that all baked goods contain eggs and dairy. Familiarizing oneself with these and other vegan items can give the person a multitude of choices associated with this lifestyle change.


The eyes do not deceive because Oreo cookies are an absolutely delicious vegan treat. Anyone would assume that some animal byproducts such as dairy or eggs would be used in the creation of one of America’s most iconic treats, but Oreos entire ingredient list is made from vegetable derivatives, including the creamy center. This means that the treat can still be enjoyed by anyone on a vegan diet. Remember, Oreos also have a double-stuffed version.

So keep discussing which way is the best way to eat an Oreo and continue reading to learn about some other vegan snacks and treats.


How could this be? Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are Doritos goodness without a single gram of dairy. They are also made without any egg of any kind. This iconic brand is known for its overabundance of cheese in its most popular varieties, but they are still available for vegans on nights when other herbal remedies are also imbued. Remember, Doritos are available in a baked variety. This further increases their appeal.

What is next on the list of surprising vegan snacks? Keep reading to find out.

Pop Tarts

Breakfast anyone? The American favorite is available in an unfrosted form. It is this type of Pop Tart that is totally vegan. The baked outer shell is also dairy and egg free. This means that the vegans can now hog the toaster in the mornings. Unfrosted Pop Tarts can be easily stashed in pockets and backpacks for a sweet vegan snack. This is the food of hip guys that are on the go or their vegan daughters.

Keep in mind that you can also bake your own delicious pop tarts from home. Next, learn which favorite dessert is on the menu for vegans.

Apple Pie

It is very incredible that the Sara Lee Oven Fresh Apple Pie is totally vegan, but it is. It would seem that it would have to be butter and eggs in the crust, but they are not necessary for flaky goodness. A butter flavored vegetable shortening will do the trick and remain steadfastly vegan. This pie rivals pies with traditionally based crusts and real butter in the crust and filling.

Now that you know that you dig into a slice of apple pie, keep reading to find out what other snacks can be enjoyed while on a vegan diet.


Imagine the oily crispiness that can be added to dishes with this snack favorite. Fritos have been a favorite snack for decades, it is no wonder that they are also vegan. There are some excellent vegan chili recipes that make it possible to make a vegan Frito pie. It is this type of versatility that the world does not understand about the vegan diet.

Grab yourself a bag of fritos and munch away while you continue to learn more about surprising and delicious vegan snacks.

Soft Baked Pretzels

Oil is important in a vegan diet. When a baked good can be made without eggs, milk and butter, the resulting goodness is often more light and filling than the alternative. Pretzels also have the salt component that highlights the natural sweetness in the bread. However, carbohydrates should be indulged in quite sparingly. Save the pretzel for a cold day, but by all means enjoy its vegan goodness.

What else is on the menu? Keep reading to find out.


The wonderful baked potato and salad topper is completely vegan. Made from various forms of vegetable protein and vegetable matter. The Bac-O’s are formed, colored and baked as complete vegetable matter. Even the bacon flavor is a derivative. Imagine still having bacon. This is especially helpful for those that are transitioning from meat based diets to vegetarian of vegan diets. In addition, when salads can be embellished, children will often be more susceptible to eating them.

I can't believe they're not real meat! Well, if you want to add them to a Caesar salad, then do so and keep reading to learn what else is in store for the vegan diet.

Ritz Crackers

Craving butter? Ritz crackers buttery richness is derived from a totally vegetable based butter substitute. Most Americans have been totally convinced that the wonderful richness of this cracker came from natural butter. However, the ingredients are all natural, and it is that characteristic that imbibes the cracker with its complex profile. This is also why the rich crackers are light and crispy.

Continue reading to discover what other delicious foods are surprisingly great for a vegan diet.

Kraft Italian Dressing

This vegan salad is coming along well. It is possible to have a vegan salad with crackers, Italian dressing and bacon bits! This shows the myriad options for vegan dining. Quick easy meals can be obtained from regular store shelves with strict adherence to vegan standards. This also means that many items can be marinated or basted with this dressing to add some oily decadence to great vegan dishes.

Add some Kraft dressing to your salad and read on to learn what else is on the menu for fellow vegans.

Whole Fruit

Of course everyone knows that fruit is vegan, but many people enjoy fruit in its juice form. Whole fruit does not allow natural sugars to become concentrated. This concentration can raise sugar levels causing the production of inordinate amounts of insulin. In addition, whole fruit contains the natural fiber that is necessary in all diets, but especially for vegans.

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