Health Benefits Of Kombucha Tea

February 6, 2024

Kombucha's use as a health elixir began in China about two thousand years ago for its great wellness benefits. The drink remains especially helpful to bring health benefits to the heart, gut, and brain. So individuals looking to boost their health should choose kombucha tea. Kombucha is a fermented health drink that adds probiotics and improves immune systems. The fizzy drink comes in both pasteurized and non-pasteurized versions. Many individuals believe the unpasteurized variety of kombucha works the best in helping improve a person's general health. Most of the immune system's function begins in the stomach, so placing health-giving probiotics in the gut enhances the entire body. Individuals who drink kombucha report drinking it using either green or black tea provides needed probiotic bacteria to the body to keep them healthier by improving their immune system.

Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease continues to remain one of the most frequent causes of death throughout the world. Some folks consider kombucha tea to be of a significant benefit to the cardiovascular system and the heart. The scientific evidence for the relationship between kombucha tea and that it reduces heart disease risk is still anecdotal. However, some animal studies do show drinking kombucha tea assists in lowering triglyceride levels and regulating cholesterol. Drinking green tea has heart health benefits, so these benefits are passed on in green tea kombucha as well. Drinking this beverage also reduces belly fat, which increases the risk of heart disease. Another way in which kombucha tea assists in lowering heart disease is drinking the beverage normalizes excellent and bad cholesterol in the body as evidenced in a study on rats. Green tea drinkers show a thirty-one percent lower instance of developing heart disease, which may also occur in individuals who drink green tea kombucha.

Source Of Probiotics

Probiotics remain crucial to the human body because they counteract the free radicals that cause problems in an individual's gut as well as their immune system. Not only does kombucha tea add probiotics to the intestines, but also beneficial acids and enzymes that keep the whole system healthy too. These probiotics may prevent or heal stomach ulcers. They can also stop and moderate the candida growth in the stomach. Candida can spread all through the body, causing a variety of yeast infections. The probiotics added to a stomach eventually crowd out any candida that may be growing there, keeping candida populations in the gut within a reasonable range.

Protect Against Cancer

Scientists are still determining the benefits of kombucha tea when it comes to reducing or healing cancer. But drinking black and green teas minimize the incidence of cancer, so logically drinking black or green tea kombucha may also keep cancer away too. Tea has a significant amount of antioxidants, which appear to protect cells from cancer-causing DNA damage. Green tea contains polyphenols called catechins in high numbers. The polyphenols in green tea products such as kombucha have been indicated in lower levels of certain types of cancer, like ovarian, colon, prostate, and lung cancer. Quercetin is another associated chemical in tea that assists in lowering an individual's cancer risks and is found in tea-based products. So drinking kombucha tea may protect against cancer development.

Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Some research indicates drinking kombucha tea may help patients manage type 2 diabetes symptoms, though other medical personnel recommends against drinking the beverage. The difference here seems to be determined by the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in the brand of kombucha an individual drinks. Someone who wants to reduce their glucose levels by drinking this beverage needs to be sure to read the labels on the kombucha tea they consume to make sure they drink the appropriate variety. The antioxidants in kombucha tea have been indicated as being the reason for the improvement in individuals with diabetes who drink the beverage. Also, it appears drinking kombucha may also improve liver and kidney function, which can be harmed by diabetes patients. Black and green tea-based kombucha varieties also increase the number of calories burned, which improves diabetes symptoms. Green-tea based kombucha works the best to increase the number of calories burned, moderate cholesterol, and control blood sugar.

Kombucha And Keto

Anecdotal evidence and testing on rodents indicate the protein levels and probiotics in kombucha tea assist in burning fat and balancing cholesterol levels. Many individuals who drink the beverage say drinking kombucha regularly boosts their metabolism, which helps them burn calories better. Also, individuals report they experience fewer sugar cravings when they drink it. The big question remains whether an individual can stay in ketosis when they drink the drink. When kombucha is brewed, sugar is added to the tea to create its fizz. The yeast that makes kombucha fizzy thrives on the sugar in the drink, reducing the sugar levels it contains. SCOBY, the specific yeast in kombucha, thrives and grows due to eating the sugars added to create the drink. If done correctly, kombucha tea remains a low carbohydrate drink that works well with a keto diet.

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