Health Benefits Of Nutritious Prune Juice

March 11, 2024

Hydration is the best way individuals can help their health stay on track. The body needs to remain hydrated so the organs stay healthy, and so individuals are able to function at their highest capacity. When individuals are dehydrated, their body does not perform well. Water is the best thing to drink to keep hydration where it needs to be, but prune juice is another great option if an individual is looking to improve their overall health through hydration. Prune juice offers a myriad of health benefits many individuals do not even realize exist, and it is time to get to know what it has to offer.

Assists With Digestion

Fiber is found in prune juice at impressive levels. This assists with digestion, which can help improve an individual's gut health. Drinking prune juice can help individuals digest food faster and easier, so they are able to use the bathroom more regularly, making them less likely to suffer from constipation, which causes hemorrhoids. These are painful when they are inflamed, and can make using the restroom difficult.

Prune juice is a natural laxative, and it keeps the body regular. Individuals should know drinking prune juice is less effective than eating prunes, but it does the job well enough when they drink enough. Individuals get enough fiber from the juice version to improve digestion enough to help them use the bathroom regularly.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure puts the body at risk of developing major health problems, including strokes and even heart attacks. High blood pressure damages the arteries, which causes them to slow or even stop the flow of blood to and from the heart. The heart works hard to pump blood, and it can cause major health issues if it is not doing the right job. By drinking prune juice on a daily basis, individuals are able to lower their blood pressure and make life a little healthier. Individuals can also eat prunes to make this possible, though there is little difference in eating prunes whole or drinking the juice every day. A glass a day is all it takes to help lower blood pressure significantly, which is why individuals should add a glass to their diet even if they do not feel they need it for anything else.

Manages Cholesterol

High cholesterol can cause serious health problems. Cholesterol works with fat to stick to the inner lining of the arteries and cause blood flow issues. It turns into plaque, which prevents blood from flowing naturally through the body. This narrows the arteries, which then leads to major health issues such as heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure. Prunes are filled with antioxidants that fight the bad cholesterol in the body while simultaneously improving the good cholesterol.

Dried prunes cause the development of narrowed arteries to slow down. It will not prevent it or stop it, but it will help slow the process and give individuals more time with a healthy heart. If patients add prune juice to their diet at a young age, they can slow the progression of this problem if it is one they are fighting. Patients can also change their diet and lifestyle to help lower bad cholesterol and remain healthy even more.

Strengthens Bones And Muscles

A mineral in prunes called boron helps make muscles and bones stronger. It is especially important for menopausal women. When individuals drink prune juice, it strengthens bones and muscles that might be turning weaker with age. As women age, their bones become weaker. Drinking prune juice or eating prunes can help individuals minimize the amount of bone mass they lose, which is good for their health.

It is a great way to help fight the development of osteoporosis, which is a huge problem for many men and women as they age. Individuals going through radiation to help fight cancer or another disease will find this also helps prevent some bone loss. Radiation is hard on bone marrow, but drinking prune juice and eating prunes can help individuals fight the effect of radiation on bones and bone marrow.

Alleviates Urgency Of An Overactive Bladder

Drinking prune juice alleviates some of the urgency of an overactive bladder and makes life more comfortable as a result. The urge to use the bathroom all the time is frustrating. Even when an individual just went, their body can make them feel as if they need to go again if they have an overactive bladder. The feeling is uncomfortable and unpleasant. There are many reasons a patient's bladder might be overactive. It might stem from constipation, stress, or even illness. However, fiber can help individuals make their need to use the bathroom feel less and less frequent.

Drinking prune juice can help as it is a recognized method of constipation relief. However, it's important to note individuals do not need to drink much to get the benefits. Drinking too much will only make individuals feel as if they need to use the bathroom even more than they already do, which only makes this feeling of urgency more difficult to deal with. Adding a little prune juice daily can improve many uncomfortable symptoms and regulate the body significantly.

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