Yummy Health Benefits Of Nutritional Yeast

April 30, 2024

Nutritional yeast certainly sounds healthy, but what exactly does it consist of? Much like its name suggests, nutritional yeast is simply yeast that's been given some nutritional amplification. This can give consumers a healthy dosage of protein and vitamins. It's not a pain to consume either, as it has a delicious taste reminiscent of cheese, making it perfect for vegans or individuals dealing with a sensitivity to lactose. Even those who don't avoid cheese can still enjoy the delicious and versatile nature of nutritional yeast. Of course, there is more to yeast than just its delicious taste. There are some incredible health benefits to consuming it as well.

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May Boost Immunity

The best way to fight against illness isn't through taking the right antibiotics or other medication. It is actually through not getting the conditions in the first place. While nutritional yeast alone won't prevent individuals from getting sick, there's promising evidence indicating it may boost immunity, reducing the risk of illness. This is on the basis of the carbohydrates it contains. Each of these, alpha-mannan, as well as beta-glucan, have been analyzed based on how they have advantages in helping animals fight against diseases. There's still plenty more research that needs to be done to determine just how much it helps humans, but individuals shouldn't be surprised if consuming nutritional yeast on the regular is followed by fewer sick days.

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Prevents Vitamin B12 Deficiency

While vegan and vegetarian diets are perfectly healthy, one of the biggest things to look out for is vitamin B12 deficiency. Since this vitamin doesn't occur in plants, anyone who doesn't eat meat needs to be diligent about finding ways to guarantee they get their recommended daily dosage of vitamin B12. Nutritional yeast is a key player in preventing vitamin B12 deficiency for these individuals. however, there are some additional factors to consider. First, it is important to purchase nutritional yeast with a 'fortified' label, as this can help ensure there is a fair amount of nutrients like vitamin B12 within it. Individuals should check the ingredients to confirm the nutritional yeast they pick up has vitamin B12. Given the importance of B12 for staying energized and fighting against depression, nutritional yeast should be an additional source of B12 rather than a primary one. Individuals can consider other fortified sources of it, or take vitamin B12 supplements.

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May Lower Cholesterol

Nutritional yeast is so hearty and satisfying that many individuals might think there has to be some kind of a catch, such as it leading to increased cholesterol. However, nutritional yeast has actually been shown to actually reduce cholesterol. The aforementioned beta-glucans can provide the body with dips in cholesterol that should increase over time. Adding nutritional yeast to dishes like pasta and popcorn, along with not eating saturated fats and getting plenty of exercise, may lower cholesterol without requiring individuals to sacrifice taste. If a doctor has told a patient they need to take measures to reduce their cholesterol, nutritional yeast is a great place to start.

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High In Protein

Nutritional yeast is like the gift that keeps on giving, and that includes how it supplies individuals with protein. Nutritional yeast doesn't just have protein; it's practically overflowing with it. Individuals can eat a couple of scoops of nutritional yeast and get more protein than they would from larger portions of food like meat and poultry. Don't be fooled into thinking protein can only be sourced from animal products. Plant-based items that are high in protein, like nutritional yeast, give individuals the protein they need to be strong and focused throughout the day. Anyone looking to build muscle, particularly those who are not fond of meat, should be making nutritional yeast a staple in their pantry.

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Contains Powerful Antioxidants

The benefits of nutritional yeast can be felt on a cellular level. This is due to all the antioxidants it contains, which includes selenium and glutathione. These can help countless individuals fight against cancer. Individuals can also benefit from these antioxidants in other ways, such as keeping their heart and brain in healthy working condition. Individuals should take a glance at their family's medical history. If there's a history of cancer or heart problems, individuals can help themselves buck the trend by eating plenty of nutritional yeast, ensuring they're consuming lots of beneficial antioxidants at the same time. For a minimal cost, individuals can add something to their diet with the ability to greatly increase their longevity.

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