Tips to Grow Healthy, Gorgeous Hair Naturally

The state of an individual's hair says quite a lot about them and their self-confidence. In addition, healthy hair is just as important for self-confidence as it is for determining the existence of potential health ailments. Shiny, radiant-looking hair is a sign of good health while dull, frail health is associated with nutrient deficiencies and an array of other disorders. There are many reasons as to why hair can stop growing properly or become brittle. Regardless of the cause, no one wants to deal with unhealthy hair for longer than necessary. 

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera, which is an incredibly popular treatment for sunburns, has also long been used to treat hair loss as well as other scalp and hair conditions. It can be used to soothe the scalp, treat dandruff, and unblock hair follicles caused by excess oil secretion. Aloe vera is also highly anti-inflammatory and has a cooling effect, which is why it's popular to use on sunburns. Individuals who want to use aloe for their hair should apply pure aloe vera gel to their hair several times a week. They should also consider using shampoos and conditioners that contain one hundred percent aloe vera for the best results.



Onions are considered a prebiotic, meaning they provide fuel to the 'good' bacteria in the gut, which is responsible for the absorption of nutrients. Onion juice might be a bit smelly, but it has been shown to treat alopecia areata by stimulating hair growth successfully. It also improves circulation, keratin growth, and blood flow to the hair follicles. Thus, onions are only beneficial when it comes to growing healthy, gorgeous hair naturally. Individuals who wish to try this remedy can start by adding onions to their regular diet. They can also blend a few onions, squeeze the juice out, and apply the juice directly to their hair. One applied, they should leave it on for approximately fifteen minutes before washing it out.

Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary essential oil has been proven to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. It contains compounds that can help treat androgenetic alopecia by stimulating the growth of new hair. According to reports, rosemary essential oil is just as effective as medical hair growth treatments for conditions like androgenetic alopecia. Individuals who want to use rosemary essential oil for their hair should combine a few drops of rosemary oil into coconut oil and apply it to their scalp and wait a few minutes before rinsing it out. It also helps to add rosemary oil to shampoos and conditioners or use it as a leave-in treatment overnight. However, individuals must be sure not to apply essential oils directly to the scalp and always mix them with a carrier oil.

Scalp Massages


Individuals getting a scalp massage from someone else, or even massaging their own scalp, does not just feel good. It can also be quite healthy for their hair! Scalp massages have been known to help stimulate hair growth. For the best results in improving hair growth, individuals should try rubbing their scalp with a combination of hair oils, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, rosemary essential oil, and jojoba oil, and masks to improve hair thickness. Performing self-massages also helps relieves stress and tension. Some research indicates massaging the scalp stretches the skin and encourages the growth of dermal papilla cells, which are responsible for hair thickness.

Fish Oil


Fish oil is high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which can be used to improve hair health from the inside out. Taking an omega-3 supplement in the form of fish oil is an excellent way for individuals to enhance their hair growth and reduce hair loss. Those who want to try fish oil supplements should look for a supplement that contains wild-caught fish, as farmed-raised sources may contain chemicals and additives that cause inflammation and could do more harm than good. Eating wild-caught salmon twice a week may also help individuals keep their omega-3 levels steady.



Ginseng is an herbal supplement that may be able to promote hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. The reason for this is due to the ginsenosides in ginseng. Ginsenosides are the active ingredient responsible for ginseng's healthy properties. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce stress, support hormonal health, increase energy levels, soothe digestive disorders, and remove toxins from the body that may be causing interrupted hair growth. Ginseng supplements are available at most health food stores and pharmacies with the other vitamins and supplements. If individuals do not wish to take a supplement, they can also try ginseng tea, which is also commonly available at grocery stores.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is high in healthy saturated fats that reduce inflammation and prevent protein loss, which is one cause for dry and brittle hair. When used correctly, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft to provide moisturizing relief to dry, itchy scalps. Individuals should use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment before washing their hair. It can also be applied to the scalp and left overnight, though individuals should be sure to rinse it out first thing the next morning. Coconut oil can also be massaged into the scalp and throughout the hair to improve the absorption of vitamin and minerals. Individuals can also find countless shampoos and conditioners that contain coconut oil should they wish to, though it's important to look at the ingredients on these to make sure there aren't unneeded ingredients.



Lemon has excellent detoxifying and purifying properties that may be able to promote hair growth. It is also naturally cleansing and clarifying, making it a good product for individuals to clean their hair with. For best results, individuals should apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to their scalp and leave it on for fifteen minutes before rinsing off. Adding lemon essential oil to coconut oil or another carrier oil can also be helpful. They may also leave it on as a hair mask overnight or at least for a few hours before rinsing it out. Treatment with lemon juice should only be done once or twice a week, since it can dry out the hair if used too much without a good conditioner.

Geranium Oil


Geranium oil is an excellent way to boost circulation and blood flow to the hair, which carries nutrients needed to stimulate growth. As always, individuals should mix a few drops of geranium oil into a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and apply it as a hair mask. Geranium oil can also be used in shampoo or conditioners to hydrate, restore, and strengthen hair. Individuals should simply rub a few drops of the oil into their hands and run their fingers through their hair to evenly coat it with the oil. They should then let the oil sit for fifteen minutes before washing it out to restore shine and hydration.

Do Not Use Shampoos With Sulfates


Many shampoos use the chemicals sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate to give their shampoo a pleasing, foamy texture. While many individuals may like the texture of the shampoo, it's not necessarily the best option for their hair. Sulfates are chemicals designed to help shampoo do its job of removing dirt and other items from an individual's hair and scalp. However, it might do too good of a job and can often leave hair dry and damaged.

Using shampoos with sulfates once every so often probably won't damage an individual's hair. It's the continual use of the products that will take a toll. Regular washing will contribute to the reduction of proteins and natural oils required to help hair stay healthy. Thankfully, there are many options for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that clean hair just as well.

Use A Boar Bristle Brush


There have been a lot of advancements in hair care over the years. However, boar bristle brushes are so effective that we've been using them for hundreds of years. When individuals use a boar bristle brush, the oils in their hair are evenly distributed throughout their hair, preventing it from gathering in one particular area. If the oils gather, it can make an individual's hair look quite greasy. These boar bristles also help prevent pulling tangled hair out when brushing it, keeping hair thick. The bristles are also known to last for so long, some may even say they last forever.

Wash Hair Less Frequently


Many individuals were taught to wash their hair every day. However, recent experts suggest this might not be the best method to keep hair looking its best. Instead, individuals may want to try washing their hair less. Even washing their hair every other day can work wonders!

There are several reasons why individuals washing their hair every day can do more harm than good. Individuals need their hair's natural oils to keep its moisture and shine. Washing every day removes the oils from hair before they should be. It could alternatively allow product to build on an individual's head and hair. The excessive use of products will make hair look oily. Finally, if individuals color their hair, they will want the color to be vibrant for as long as possible, which can be achieved by washing their hair less frequently.

Try An Egg Mask


While many may not relish the idea of getting egg in their hair, it may actually do their hair some good. Eggs are high in protein, and this protein can be used to keep hair healthy. Individuals discovered the benefits of eggs for hair centuries ago, and we still use the method today. Individuals should try an egg mask themselves to see how it can help. There are several recipes for egg masks to choose from. Individuals can try a mixture of egg, aloe vera, and olive oil. They can also try egg, banana, and honey. They should find the recipe they like the best and create their hair mask. Then, they should apply the mixture to their hair and let it sit for about thirty to sixty minutes based on the recipe. They should do this a couple of times a week to see the best results.

Eat A Healthy Diet


The things individuals put into their body have a great effect on their hair and other aspects of beauty. This is just one more reason to start eating well. Individuals should look at their current diet to see if they get enough of the nutrients they should get every day. A complete diet should be full of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, among others. Many of us, unfortunately, stick to processed foods. Without the proper nutrients, an individual's hair growth will be stunted and it also won't look as healthy as it should. Beyond just eating healthy, individuals should add foods known to be healthy for hair to their diet, such as avocado, berries, oysters, shrimp, and eggs.