Medical Devices That Prolong Life

As the years pass by, the world seems to become more and more technologically advanced. For many people, new modern devices have worked wonders in keeping their medical conditions in check, allowing them to live perfectly normal lives. Countless numbers of lives now get saved on a regular basis due to improved medical equipment and new advances for those struggling with a chronic illness. Check out just some of these devices and ask your doctor about what can be used for you or your loved ones.

Keyboards That Control Infections


Hospitals are ridden with all types of disease. While the staff work hard to keep everything as sanitary as they can, it is simply impossible to keep every infection appropriately contained.

The input of medical history into computer systems is great for saving time and maintaining organization. Unfortunately, this technology is often carried from room to room, increasing the risk of spreading bacteria. There are now keyboards designed to keep that infection from spreading with their flat and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Multi-Purpose Hospital Beds


There are beds in some hospitals that are much more accommodating for both the patient and the hospital staff. The position ones find themselves sitting or sleeping in can often hinder them from recovering appropriately.

These beds are built to weigh patients, as well as monitor what angles they are resting at. This decreases the likelihood of them falling out of bed or getting twisted in tubing. It also works to help hospital staff have easier access, should a patient need to be treated quickly.

Online Networks For Patient Care


There are devices that can sync up with a patient’s medical history and vital signs. For those who are needing to be watched more frequently, this could save their life.

There are countless things occurring in a hospital every day, so, should the doctor or nurse be away when something goes wrong, this machine is designed to alert them, in case of an emergency.

High-Quality Sensitivity Testing


Certain drugs are known for making a huge difference in people’s lives. Finding the right combination of medication can lead to a more comfortable and happy lifestyle for those worried about suffering strokes, heart attacks, or something similar.

Yet, some have sensitivities to these drugs that could lead to major health problems or death, if not addressed quickly enough. Unfortunately, these reactions are not discovered until it is too late. Certain machines can test for these sensitivities before a person puts them into their system.

Blood Coagulation Monitor


If a patient has a prosthetic heart it is important for them to get their anticoagulation levels tested on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this means a trip to the doctor, which is not only inconvenient but takes a lot out of a person who is already going through something difficult.

Fortunately, a device has been invented to allow a person to test their levels conveniently from home. Results are delivered very quickly, so the patient can keep themselves monitored by only taking a few minutes out of their day.

Detectors For Staph Infections


Staph infections can be contagious and will lead to a lot of extra issues if spread throughout a hospital. They generally must be caught early in order for treatment to work properly.

There are products now that can spot early signs of the disease, allowing doctors to get treatment going right away and thus prevent it from spreading around. The devices are in the form of plates that display the bacteria within 24 hours of detection.

Portable Devices For Testing Glucose


For those with diabetes, testing their blood glucose levels on a regular basis is important in staying healthy. There are devices now that help them monitor their levels, without having to schedule a doctor’s visit.

Results can be discovered in seconds, without taking a huge chunk of time away from their day. Living with diabetes is not easy, but these devices make life much more manageable for those who have this diagnosis.

Marker Devices


While doctors work hard every day to save lives and help people heal, they still are known to make mistakes from time to time. A more common mishap is performing surgery on the wrong side of the body.

There are now machines that will label the right side during the CT scan to ensure that the doctor knows where they are meant to be operating. Surgery provides enough complication as it is, without needing to do it twice. This device reduces the risk of making unnecessary cuts.

Exercise Machines For Rehabilitation


Recovering from surgeries is never an easy task. It is important to get your muscles back into shape and to retrain your body on the normal ways to function.

There are machines that are built specifically for people who are going through the rehabilitation process. They are designed to take pressure off of your body so that you can build up your strength at a more manageable pace. They also have hand grips which help patients get on and off the machine with ease.

High-Tech Hearing Aids


There are hearing aids that can be worn in the ear without any need for surgery. They are easy to replace, allowing patients peace of mind for when the battery life dies out.

Fortunately, these devices are built to last for months at a time, making battery life less of a concern. Hearing aids are a life-changing advance that allow those with hearing loss to continue living life as normal, and help them to feel safe, knowing they will hear everything (such as whistles, car horns, or yells) properly.