10 Reasons Why Being Naked Is Good For Your Body, Mind, And Wallet

The idea of being naked can seem uncomfortable unless it is to jump in the shower or spend some time in the bedroom. This may be in part because societal norms in even relatively liberal countries make being naked seem taboo. However, although it may not be possible to walk around naked in public, there are a number of benefits to going nude at home. Here are ten ways spending more time naked can be beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

Burns 'Bad' Fat

It is common to bundle up as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Even just a change of a few degrees can be enough to make scarves and coats seem necessary. However, research shows that exposing the body to cold temperatures may not be such a bad thing. This is because the human body's main supply of 'good' fat cells, known as brown adipose tissue, is located around the shoulder blades and neck. When exposed to cold temperatures, this tissue proliferates and kills the' bad' fat cells, the white adipose tissue. Going naked at home when the weather is cooler may help brown adipose tissue proliferate so it can work its magic.

Improves Body Image


Although ideals of beauty are slowly changing, it can still be hard to accept a body image that differs from a desired one. This discomfort with body shape is not limited to individuals who suffer from eating disorders. Even the most confident people have parts of their bodies they are not satisfied with. Most children and adults have thought at one time in their life that they were too fat, too skinny, or not pretty enough. Getting naked can improve self-esteem by increasing comfort with body parts and overall body shape. Over time, being naked may start to feel more natural than shameful.

Costs Less


Clothes can be expensive, and they often need to be replaced because they are worn out or no longer in style. Many teens and adults are even addicted to buying clothes to the point where they own far more items than they need. Common clothing items purchased at stores do not include only clothes that are worn outside of the home. Both men and women purchase pajamas, loungewear, and clothes for doing housework. Going naked decreases the need to purchase lots of clothes and can, therefore, reduce the amount of money spent on clothing. Of course, it is not possible to avoid wearing clothes outside of the home, but going naked at home reduces the need to buy those items that are worn only inside.

Boosts The Immune System

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Reducing exposure to germs and bacteria can compromise rather than enhance health by increasing the body's susceptibility to diseases. When the human body has no reason to fight viruses and bacteria, it does not have the opportunity to prepare itself to do so. When it does get attacked by a foreign invader, the consequences can be far worse than they would have been had the body been exposed to the virus or bacteria previously. Exposure to foreign substances is critical for boosting immunity, which is where nakedness comes in. Being naked can boost levels of vitamin D in the body by increasing exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is directly linked to immune system functioning and makes it easier for the body to fight off infections.

Helps Overcome Fears

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As absurd as it may sound, many grown adults are afraid to get naked, and there are good reasons why. Children are taught to keep their bodies covered from a young age. They learn that it is not acceptable to be naked even though few understand why this is the case. Parents reinforce this understanding by wrapping their children up in layers of clothing despite the fact that it may not feel natural. This leads teens and adults to believe that being naked is something to be ashamed of. Intentionally going naked at home can help to reverse the strength of these deeply entrenched beliefs and increase comfort with the look and feel of the human body.

Makes Clothes Feel Better


By spending more time naked, it is possible to appreciate the feeling of clothing more. This can happen because greater awareness of the body and a more positive body image makes it easier to choose clothing that complements particular body parts and features. It becomes easier to understand which styles are most flattering for a certain body shape and how to bring a look together to enhance attractiveness. When wearing clothing is not always the default option, it becomes more fun to put clothes on and dress up. Instead of feeling like a chore that is performed every day, getting dressed to go out can feel fun and exciting.

Boosts Vulnerability

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Being naked and feeling comfortable with it is a process. The first step is to get used to the sensation of being naked and feeling comfortable with looking at a naked body in the mirror. The next step involves becoming comfortable with being naked while others are around. It can be scary to be naked in the presence of other people, but this also presents an opportunity to embrace being vulnerable. Observers may stare and whereas some may approve of the decision to go nude, others may find it repulsive. However, being in a vulnerable position and not running away from it can increase self-knowledge, self-esteem, and body image.

Reveals The True Self

Nowadays, surgery is not the only way to make changes to physical appearance. Men and women who want to alter their bodies have a range of options, including applying makeup and wearing contours underneath clothing. These alterations can boost mood until there is a situation in which all of the clothing, makeup, and accessories need to come off. Those who are used to covering their bodies and imperfections may be afraid of others seeing what they truly look like. Going naked makes it possible to enhance body image and self-esteem and feel more comfortable with the idea that others may see the true self in all of its beauty and imperfections.

Enhances Quality Of Life

By embracing imperfections of the body and loving it for what it is, it is possible to let go of insecurities and live a more enjoyable life. When there are fewer concerns to worry or be conscious about, there is more space to cherish the beauty of life. In this sense, going naked and feeling comfortable with it can be freeing. Being naked helps people realize how beautiful they are and makes them more willing to perform activities and take advantage of opportunities they would not have considered otherwise. Taking risks is fun and can be easier to do when people are comfortable in their own skin.

Improves Sex

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When couples are uncomfortable with their physical appearance, they are more likely to have sex with the lights off. This preference during sex is not uncommon. In fact, there are more people who prefer to have the lights off during sex than those who like to keep them on. Many adults report having difficulty enjoying sex when the lights are on because they are constantly worried about what their partner thinks of their body. Sex is supposed to be fun, but it is impossible to have a good time when body image concerns take center stage. Going naked makes it easier to become comfortable with the physical body and get used to the idea of sharing it with a partner.