10 Ways To Look And Feel Better Right Now

July 24, 2023

Looking and feeling better right now is easier than it seems. A few small changes go a long way towards making one look and feel great in no time. And it’s no secret that the way one looks often has a direct impact on how one feels, and vice versa. Here are ten, easy-to-commit-to tips that will show you how to make some positive changes that will help you become a brand-new version of yourself.

Start With Your Core

Aim to strengthen your core. A strong core will lead to tighter abs and improved balance and posture, all of which will help protect your back. Sitting up straight is essential, so say no to slouching. And while not everyone enjoys the same types of exercises, there are many activities and moves that can help one build a sturdier core. Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, are all excellent options. But so are swimming or water workouts, sit-ups, lifting weights, cardio dancing (Zumba anyone?).

You may need to do a little experimenting to discover what works for you. But once you find something that you enjoy and that is beneficial for your core, start a routine and keep going! The results are sure to follow. And remember to breathe. Proper breathing exercises have been shown to build endurance, which will keep you from giving up!

Keep Your Eyes Looking Brighter

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure to take care of them. There are hundreds of beauty products to address any problem. Dark circles can be camouflaged using under-eye concealer, both under the eye and the inner corners of eyelids. Crow’s feet, wrinkles, dry skin. All of these can be improved. A little research will help yield many possible solutions. Light eye shadow can make eyes look instantly more alert.

Eyelash curlers make eyes appear awake and vibrant. And for more dramatic and longer-lasting results, there are professional salons that specialize in lash extensions. Keeping brows neat and trim can make a big difference too. It may be a good idea to try professional shaping a couple of times before attempting to DIY at home.

Take Care Of Your Teeth

Maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine is essential to overall good health. Brushing teeth morning and night, flossing every night, and changing your toothbrush every three months are all good habits to adopt. Use a fluoride toothpaste and if necessary, one designed for sensitive teeth. Go to your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning by a professional dental hygienist. Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Eating well is vital. Cheese, yogurt, leafy greens, apples, carrots, celery, and almonds help promote healthy teeth and gums.

If all these foods sound too bland, don’t be afraid to be creative. A chopped apple and some almonds mixed into a yogurt is a perfect example of a good-for-your teeth (and the rest of you) snack. Refrain from smoking, and address any issues such as nighttime grinding and clenching teeth with over-the-counter or prescription night guards. And remember to smile!

Eat More Protein And Healthier Carbs

Eating more protein will help you maintain or lose weight. Protein takes longer to digest and will keep you feeling fuller longer. Be mindful of the types of protein you incorporate in your diet. Processed meats, due to their additives and high salt content, are not healthy. Poultry, lean meats, and fish and seafood tend to be better choices, especially when baked, grilled or broiled with little or no added fat. Remember, too, that carbohydrates are also essential, but knowing the difference between healthy and not-so-healthy carbs will help you make good choices. Highly processed carbs should be avoided, or, at the very least, eaten in moderation. Whole grain bread and pasta are much wiser choices. If you must choose one over the other, know that protein provides more sustenance than carbohydrates.

Experiment With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, which has been around since ancient civilization, is both an art and a science. Used to promote physical and mental well-being, aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve health and beauty and empower the body to self-heal. Nature endows flowers, plants, fruits, woods, herbs and spices with aromatic liquids that hold their life force, giving them the power to boost the immune system.

Because they are very potent, they must be diluted and never applied directly on the skin or near the eyes. Lavender is a perfect example of an essential oil that has numerous benefits in aromatherapy. It is used to treat insomnia, keep bugs away, and help ease anxiety, to name a few. And jasmine essential oil is also a sleep aid, a sedative, and an aphrodisiac!

Power To Push-Ups

Besides building muscle on your arms, push-ups involve numerous muscles, including those in the chest, abdominals and core stabilizers. They strengthen the whole upper body and, though less directly, work out the back and legs. Since everything is connected, the whole body benefits from doing push-ups. There is no need for fancy equipment or a large space. In addition, push-ups burn calories and fat and give a boost of confidence and empowerment.

But if the thought of doing a push-up seems too daunting, you can always start with kitchen counter push-ups, progressing to knee and drop push-ups, and work your way up to the classic push-up. Eventually, you'll be able to effortlessly pick up a big package, grocery bags or even a heavy, growing baby, along with diaper bag and other essentials. And you’ll be bold enough to slip on that lovely little dress with the spaghetti straps.

Walk The Walk

Walk every day. Walking is one of the best ways to get a feel-good all-around workout. Besides improving your mood, sparking creativity, strengthening your legs and keep them looking toned, walking greatly reduces your risk of getting a chronic disease. It will also help you lose weight and help your digestive system work more regularly. Initiating a daily walking routine also empowers you to take on other goals and accomplish them.

Thirty minutes every day can reap many benefits. But if you can’t devote 30 minutes at one time, try breaking your daily walk into three ten-minute mini-walks, for example, after every meal. Some experts say walking three times a day for ten minutes might be even better than once a day for thirty.

Give Your Hair A Break

Washing your hair every day is not always recommended. Besides stripping your hair of natural oils, it dries out the scalp. It also fades color faster, can lead to breakage and split ends, and causes hair to lose its shine. It is time-consuming, adds up in terms of cost, and causes build-up with the repeated daily use of hair products. Taking a break from hair washing every other day can help hair become healthier, grow faster, and look and feel stronger and shinier. Besides, dirty hair is easier to style. Unless your hair is excessively dirty or oily, try cutting the frequency at which you wash your hair. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Mix It Up A Little

Sometimes staying in your comfort zone can be, well, comforting, knowing what to expect when you go to your beauty specialist, sure your hair, makeup, and nails will turn out just so. But there’s something to be said for doing something daring, like trying on a bright violet nail polish--or better yet—asking the nail color technician to paint a daisy on your bright violet nail polish. Same with adding some color to your hair. Hot red extensions can create the illusion of highlights with much less fuss. And nothing says vibrant like a bright plum lip color. The best part about splashing some color into your beauty routine? You can do something totally different, but just as daring, tomorrow!

Don't Let Your Underwear Undermine You

They may be concealed, but wearing the wrong size or style of bra and panties can be a real pain. A bra that does not fit properly can cause shoulder and back pain and undermine your confidence and looks. To do its job properly, a bra needs to be the right size, and should not bulge, or slip or bother you in any way. It is recommended to go for a professional fit once a year to be sure you are wearing the right style and size. As for panties, if they are too small or too loose or need to be readjusted regularly, it's time to head for the lingerie department and spend some time trying on different styles and sizes.

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