Interesting Ways To Finally Become A Morning Person

June 25, 2022

Being a morning person seems to come with a lot of rewards. Benjamin Franklin is associated with the saying, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” It is true that society tends to judge late risers as slothful and early risers as healthy and productive. Some studies have even shown that morning people tend to get better grades at school and more promotions at work. If you want to up your game factor, consider learning to become a morning person. Here is how.

Calculate The Ideal Bedtime For You

If you tend to fall asleep at three in the morning, do not expect to wake up at six A.M. and be at the top of your game. More likely, you will be tripping on your feet from exhaustion throughout the day and forced to take naps surreptitiously. Instead, the better thing to do is to calculate the ideal time for you to go to sleep so you can feel refreshed in the morning. If you know you need a full eight hours a night, then make sure you fall asleep on time, even if it means going to bed at nine in the evening because you want to wake up at five in the morning.

Identify Your Stay Awake Triggers

Being self-aware is vital for training yourself to get to sleep by your ideal bedtime. If you have various stay awake triggers that keep you busy until the wee hours of the morning, you need to become more conscious of these habits and make an effort to avoid them. So if you like to surf the internet just before bed but know that as a habit, you will take more than the five minutes you planned for, despite any best intentions, it is better to avoid surfing online five minutes before bedtime. Same goes for any other distracting habit that you know will keep you up despite your best intentions to get to bed by a certain time.

Create A Morning To-Do List

If you are not a fan of the to-do list, you might want to become one. A to-do list is a great tool for managing your day and also for getting motivated to get things done. Simply waking up early will not make you into a productive person, but taking action will, and writing up a to-do list first thing in the morning is an excellent habit to start your day. As you meet each goal you have written down throughout the day, you can take immense satisfaction in crossing out each accomplished goal one-by-one. Studies have shown that creating to-do lists have the effect of reducing anxiety as it brings order to the chaos of one’ s day.

Reward Yourself For Waking Up Early

Making waking up early a habit is not always as easy as it sounds. The idea of becoming a more productive person is not always motivating enough to consistently wake up early. Instead, you may need to offer yourself rewards to help you become an early morning riser. Rewards are powerful incentives and can effectively enable you to alter your habits as you reward yourself for certain behaviors. When you reward yourself with rewards effective for you, you light up the feel good pathways in your brain that encourage you to continue to seek out those rewards by exhibiting the behaviors you are rewarding. The types of rewards that are effective for you depend on what you like but can be anything simple such as rewarding yourself with watching the sunrise when you wake up in time to see it, having the time to make your coffee or take your dog for a leisurely walk.

Early Morning Risers Tend To Regularly Exercise

Exercise reduces stress levels, which encourages an early and restful sleep. People who tend not to get regular exercise often suffer from insomnia and paradoxically are more tired throughout the day. Even ten minutes of exercise a day can make a difference in the quality of your sleep. Ideally, you should work out at least three times a week for a minimum of thirty minutes per session. Scheduling exercise into your day (putting it on your to-do list) is a great way of ensuring you make time for it. Vigorous exercise is better done throughout the day and not within a few hours of bedtime as it can in some people cause some difficulties in falling asleep. Gentle and moderate activity before bedtime may encourage a better night’s sleep.

Consider Why You Want To Become An Early Morning Riser

Creating new habits is sometimes a time-consuming and difficult task. You have to be sure you want to create the new habit, and that means understanding your reasons for it. If your reasons are not incredibly motivating, it can make changing your habits more difficult as you may wind up sabotaging yourself. For example, to please someone else is not always the best motivator for changing your habits, but if you truly believe that being a morning person will make your life better and that is a change you hope to make, you will have an easier time of creating new habits. Creating new habits begins with the thought and intention, and then the next step is to carry through with your consistent actions. Do not forget to start your early morning with a healthy breakfast.

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