Easy Ways To Make A Bad Day Feel Better

October 2, 2022

Be it from bad days, bad news, bad luck, or for no reason at all, feeling down every now and then is inevitable. Know that it will pass as all things do. However, until it does, consider trying an effective strategy for taking the edge off of a challenging day. Keep bad days from getting in the way by using one of these sixty-six easy ways to brighten a difficult day.

Splurge On The Good Stuff

Go ahead and buy the brand name shampoo that always looked appealing but seemed too expensive. Spending a few extra dollars on a product that will feel great to use can be an effective mood booster.

Go Bra Free

Enjoy a day free from the constraints of a bra (or anything that usually feels annoying or uncomfortable to wear).

Sip On A Relaxing Tea

Drinking chamomile or peppermint tea in the middle of the morning or early afternoon can reduce stress and induce relaxation.

Go Bare Foot In The Grass

Take off those shoes and go for a walk on a patch of cool grass. Use this as an opportunity to take a much-needed break and enjoy some fresh air.

Grab Your Butt

Self-confidence can stem from even small moments of self-appreciation. When feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to set worries and anxieties aside while practicing self-love.

Enjoy Solo Movie Time

Escape into the world of an entertaining movie. Although it can feel awkward the first time, attending a movie alone can be refreshing and meditative.

Take A Mental Health Day

Everyone needs a mental health sick day from time to time. After all, deep sadness is like a cold of the soul, and recovery is essential for a healthy self and relationships.

Indulge In A Favourite Childhood Lunch

Take nostalgia to the next level and indulge in a favourite childhood meal. Enjoy the opportunity to fulfill an enduring craving even if it seems silly.

Write To A Future Self

Communicate with your future self by writing down thoughts and aspirations. It may not possible to talk to the past, but jotting down a letter to the future is doable.

Have A Kitchen Dance Party

Throw on some upbeat music and dance in the kitchen for a while. If a slower song comes on, dance slowly or simply enjoy the beauty of the music.

Visit A Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are welcoming and friendly communal spaces. Strike up a conversation with the local farmers, craftspeople, or other customers.

Sleep Through The Alarm

Feeling well rested is essential for happiness. Sleep straight through the morning alarm to enjoy a few more minutes of much-deserved sleep. Allow the body to naturally rise from the land of slumber.

Listen To Positive Podcasts

Consider listening to one of the many podcasts that focus on positivity, fitness, happiness, and motivation. They offer advice and tips for developing healthy happiness habits.

Spend Time Journaling

Writing down thoughts, ideas, goals, and worries can help put even the most daunting concerns into perspective and turn fear into fuel for improvement.

Start A New Hobby

Hobbies are useful for keeping the mind preoccupied and giving it something to focus on other than work, school, or other concerns. Consider pouring excess energy into a new hobby.

Buy Some Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and can fill a room with a lovely smell. Buy a bouquet to brighten up a room and appreciate the beauty of nature’s jewels for days to come.

Attend A Boutique Fitness Class

Put on some workout clothes and attend a boutique fitness class. Get moving and have fun while staying active with a few friends.

Bake Cookies

Enjoy the heartwarming smell of freshly baked cookies. Smell is an essential sense that is often neglected. A beautiful or comfortable smell can go a long way toward making a day brighter.

Drink Coffee House Coffee

Stop by a local coffee house, café, or bistro and pick up a delicious cup of coffee and a warm pastry. The Epicureans were right about enjoying food.

Practice Self-Love

Self-hugs may seem silly to do. However, the mindset shift they trigger can do wonders for making a challenging day feel easier.

Take Time Out For Gratitude

Spend a few minutes of the day writing a list of people, events, or experiences that induce feelings of gratitude. Appreciating the little things in life can bring joy even during difficult moments.

Call Some Friends

Call some friends and plan a night out. No matter how busy life gets, it is important to take some time to go out and enjoy a night on the town.

Stay Hydrated

Being dehydrated is a serious mood killer. Buy a reusable bottle, fill it up, and drink a couple of litres of water each day. It is surprising how much balance this can bring to the body.

Do A DIY Manicure

Carve out time to do a DIY manicure while emptying the mind of all worries and allowing it to wander and meditate.

Try Mindful Eating

While eating a meal, eat slowly and savour every bite. Be mindful of the flavours and textures. Experience the food instead of just eating it.

Call Mom

Have a lengthy phone call with mom, dad, or another loved one. Getting tough stuff out in the open can be helpful for processing and overcoming it.

Do Two Minutes Of Stretching

Studies have shown that two minutes of full body stretching a day can have a positive impact on mental health. It can also help the body wake up in the morning.

Browse A Favourite Store

Browsing through the items of a favourite store can alleviate stress and diminish persistent worries. There is no need to purchase a product to make this strategy successful.

Listen To Positive Podcasts

Consider listening to one of the many podcasts that focus on positivity, fitness, happiness, and motivation. They offer advice and tips for developing healthy happiness habits.

Spend Time Journaling

Writing down thoughts, ideas, goals, and worries can help put even the most daunting concerns into perspective and turn fear into fuel for improvement.

Start A New Hobby

Hobbies are useful for keeping the mind preoccupied and giving it something to focus on other than work, school, or other concerns. Consider pouring excess energy into a new hobby.

Do A Self-Massage

Soothe aches and tense muscles with a brief self-massage. This can help to loosen up and release some of the strain of being worried throughout the day.

Stock Up On Food

Sometimes hunger is responsible for low mood. If this may be the case, head to the grocery store and stock up on prepared food that can immediately satisfy an appetite.

Express Self-Love

Simply saying the words 'I love you' can be an effective and instant mood booster. Use this method to easily express self-acceptance and self-love.

Pay For A Professional Massage

Tense muscles trigger fatigue, which only intensifies stress. If a self-massage is not enough, consider scheduling a professional massage to reduce tension in the body.

Donate To A Cause

Identifying an important cause and directing financial aid toward it can be a great mood-boosting act of altruism.

Make Funny Faces In The Mirror

Take a not-so-serious moment in front of the mirror to make silly faces and indulge in the sillier side of life.

Attend Regular Doctor’s Appointments

Mental health issues can stem from many origins, including basic imbalances. Attend regular doctor’s appointments to catch health issues long before they have a chance to cause long-term problems.

Take A Class

Everyone has a skill, subject, or sport they would like to learn. Take a class, course, or workshop to engage in lifelong learning and reap its benefits for mental well-being.

Read Every Day

Reading for as little as thirty minutes a day has important benefits for the brain. It helps the brain generate new ideas, consider different perspectives, and discover new worlds to find happiness in.

Buy Clothes That Fit

Buying clothes that actually fit is one simple way to boost self-confidence. When clothes fit, they feel more comfortable and often look better.

Share An Opinion With A New Community

Interacting with new people and discussing their perspectives and opinions is a great way to learn something new, consider a different viewpoint, and develop relationships.

Buy A New Piece Of Art

Art can have immense value. It can encourage the mind to consider new perspectives, stimulate conversation with guests, and even simply create happiness with its beauty.

Place Pictures Of Loved Ones In Workspaces

Family and other loved can be an important source of joy. Even though they cannot come to work, it is possible to have them close by in the form of a framed photo on a desk or bulletin board.

Eat Healthy Food

Eating food that tastes delicious may bring pleasure. However eating tasty food that is also nutritious is essential for maintaining a balanced diet, which promotes happiness.

Look Up And See The Sights

Looking downward may feel natural when feeling blue, but this can also keep positive people, objects, and sights out of view. Make a challenging day feel a bit brighter by literally raising that chin.

Touch Something Soft

When times are difficult, everything in life can feel rather coarse. Touching a soft object can provide a much-needed reminder that not everything in life is rough.

Find Comfort In Animal Companions

Pets have been shown to scientifically boost happiness. Consider adopting or rescuing a pet to have as a companion. A dog’s love is unconditional.

Keep The Pyjamas On

Take a day off from everything else, including regular day clothes. Stay in pyjamas all day long until it is time to put them back on anyway.

Enjoy Dinner For One

Take a break from cooking and head out for a delicious restaurant meal, even if it is just for one. Enjoy being pampered while someone else does the work in the kitchen.

Feel Emotions

Instead of trying to stifle them, feel emotions as they unfold. Be authentic by allowing them to come, run their course, and fade away.

Watch A Favourite Movie

Set aside time to watch a favourite movie again. Be inspired, amazed, or moved by it, and allow it to serve as a brief escape from the challenges of daily life.

Get Cleaned Up

Simply taking the time to groom and put on attractive clothing can boost mood and enhance self-confidence. Find pleasure in shaving for the first time in days, wearing a new dress, or trying a new hairstyle.

Sing Along

Sing along to a song in the car as loudly as possible. Let go of negative energy and allow the positive vibes of a good tune to flow.

Take A Spoonful

Be rebellious and steal the first spoonful of a freshly opened jar of peanut butter. Someone has to do it, so go ahead and indulge.

Browse Motivational Quotes

There is no shortage of inspirational and motivational quotes on the Internet and on social media. Read a few and harness the strength of powerful words.

Cook A Meal

Start from scratch, take pride in each step and small achievement, and create an entire meal. Then eat it. If it is a large meal, consider sharing it with friends.

Embrace The Universe

The universe is big and can be daunting at times. Find and enjoy the wonderful coincidences that occur every day thanks to happy accidents.

Leverage Reassurance

Sometimes, life can seem like an endless stream of challenging situations. No matter what, find comfort in the fact that difficult times will eventually pass.

Maintain Good Posture

The slouching posture associated with the blues is a real physical response to sadness. Banish sadness by forcibly maintaining good posture. It is healthier and promotes happiness too.

Be Confident And Stand Tall

The saying “fake it till you make it” applies to confidence and happiness. Make challenging situations feel easier to tackle by standing up straight.

Get Some Vitamin D

The sun may be hidden behind the clouds on an overcast day, but it is still possible to get out there and soak up some diffused sunlight. Doing so has proven physical and mental health benefits, including boosting happiness.

Put On Some Fresh Bed Sheets

Make it easier to sleep peacefully at night by swapping dirty or musty bed sheets for clean ones. A good night's sleep is essential for battling stress and enhancing happiness.

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

Keeping mental and physical distractions away can be as simple as keeping living spaces tidy. Completing a small goal like cleaning up can also provide the necessary energy for tackling more challenging goals.

Light A Scented Candle

Fill the home with a pleasant smell from a scented candle to create a cozy, happy, or comfortable environment. Boost the impact of this effect by choosing a scent associated with positive feelings or memories.

Reduce Screen Time

Frequently using phones and social media is correlated with lower happiness. Consider going out without a phone or simply spending some time during the day with it turned off.

Have A Small Snack

Keep energy levels up throughout the day by eating a small snack. This will make it easier to tackle and conquer challenges that arise.

Practice Stress Management

Breathing exercises and meditation are stress reduction methods that have been shown to effectively treat stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting happiness and confidence.

Have An Ice Cream Cone

Whether it is because of the cool temperature, delicious flavours, or amount of sugar, ice cream sure is sweet. Battle the blues by taking a break to grab a cone.

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