Best Habits For Personal Growth

Creating new habits isn’t always easy, but with a clear plan and a sense of direction for what we hope to accomplish, we’ll often surprise ourselves with just how much we can achieve in short spaces of time. Here are just a few of the best habits to develop for a new, healthy life as rewarding as it is fun and challenging. Above everything else, remember to enjoy the process! If you set goals you’re passionate about achieving, each step will bring new joys and fun memories.

Drink More Water Daily


For most of us, our daily fluid intake isn’t always as healthy as it could be. Coffee and tea might help us get through the day, but they aren’t always the best substitutes for an old-fashioned drink of water. The adage of aiming to drink about eight glasses of water per day still holds true according to researchers. Thankfully, for individuals who don’t enjoy plain water, they can make water consumption fun by picking up a case of sparkling water at the supermarket. Staying hydrated will provide extra energy and help keep you healthy, so drink more water daily, and your body will thank you.

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Deep Breaths Before Responding To Stress


Mindful meditation has been a big part of the tradition of numerous cultures for hundreds of years, and some of its most notable aspects are now being championed by Western medicine as important aspects of healthy living. Meditation centers around deep breathing, for example, and deep breathing is an activity that can reduce stress and promote wellness. It’s also something we can do even for a short time and still get health benefits. If life ever has you down, try practicing deep breathing exercises to take your mind away from stressors and get some perspective on what is causing you strain. As life-changing habits go, taking deep breaths before responding to stress ranks as one of the most important activities we can do to stay healthy!

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Set Daily And Weekly Targets


For most of us, sticking by the decisions we’ve set for ourselves usually gets a bit tricky a few weeks or months into the plan. Enthusiasm may fade when results aren’t manifesting themselves fast enough or the novelty begins to fade as the year progresses. Fortunately, we can remind ourselves of our goals by breaking down our objectives into smaller increments, thereby making even the biggest goals seem manageable. For example, want to lose twelve pounds this year? Try setting daily and weekly targets to achieve your desired weight by cutting out a small number of calories per day or getting in a bit of exercise; smaller targets will help you keep on track and motivated, especially when hiccups like Thanksgiving feasts and other holiday meals stand in your way.

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Maintain A Consistent Sleep Schedule


When deadlines loom, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, and it isn’t always easy to make up for lost sleep even if we stop for double espressos at our favorite coffee shop. However, a full schedule shouldn’t keep us from trying to get a healthy amount of sleep. By putting away smartphones and computers an hour before bed and setting aside at least seven or eight hours per night for sleep, we’ll often be surprised at the health benefits that come after only a few nights of truly healthy sleeping. Getting enough sleep isn’t easy sometimes, but according to experts, a proper sleep schedule will contribute to better memory function and even weight loss, benefits that are not too shabby by any means!

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Identify Peak Productivity Periods


To identify peak productivity periods, we sometimes have to take an objective look at when we perform at our best. Some individuals find they think most clearly and do their best work in the mornings, while others find the only thing they’re good for in the early hours of the day is brewing coffee and reading the paper. Business experts say finding your ‘golden hours’ will often mean the difference between a time when you’ll be forcing yourself to complete tasks and a time when your mind is solving problems at a faster and more efficient rate. So whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, finding the time that works best for you in getting things done can help you achieve your goals when you’re most alert and capable, which can mean bigger and better results.

Whether it’s practicing deep breathing at times of stress or simply revamping a health plan by drinking plenty of water each day, the possibilities are endless for working healthy routines into your daily schedule. With a bit of practice, you’ll be accomplishing your new objectives in no time.