Easy Life Hacks To Become Instantly Healthier

Life is hard enough without ever considering health, but since you need to be healthy to have a quality life, it's just about the most important thing you can do. However, you also want to do things that have the most impact. Otherwise, you'll constantly be swimming up-stream. Save your energy for things that need it. Your health shouldn't be an uphill battle. Consider these life hacks to improve your health.

Drink More Water


Everyone knows they need to drink more water daily, but many just cannot seem to get into the 'flow' of it. It might surprise many to know sixty-four ounces of water might not be enough either. Instead of using this general number, take account of your current weight, and divide it by two. This is how many ounces of water you should have in a day.

To start on this path, purchase small to medium-sized bottles of water and number them to make sure you get the right amount throughout the day. Those who would rather go without plastic can use a refillable water bottle instead. To track your progress throughout the day, use a wet-erase marker. Consider putting your initials or the date on your bottles as well.

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Think Before You Eat


To lose weight, you'll need proper nutrition and must think before you eat. This requires a fail-proof system that makes it easy for you. First, decide what your diet is going to look like. This doesn't mean eating a very limited amount, but rather think of different foods and how they affect you. Consider whether they're your friend or enemy in terms of your goals. If you don't do well with carbohydrates, limit them. If dairy doesn't agree with you, reduce it as well. Concentrate on eating the foods that help you feel amazing. For instance, eat several servings of protein, fruit, and vegetables throughout the day, and eat every two and a half hours. Ideally, have four servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit, and three to five servings of protein each day. Dairy and grains are a little more flexible, so you can decide on those. In all cases, meal prep each week!

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Create A System For Eating


Keep a notepad handy to keep track of your progress. Write down different times: 7 am, 9:30 am, 12 pm, and onward. Next to these times, write initials for each type of food you will have at those times, so you know 'P' stands for protein. Have one initial for a snack and roughly four initials for meals. For instance, breakfast might look like, 'P, S, F, F,' which stands for an egg, whole grain toast, and two servings of fruit. Cross off these letters as you eat. Then, you'll know if you're on-track with eating and if you have kept up with adequate nutrition. This system of eating will keep you energized, and you will slim down.

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Get Active

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Getting active isn't very hard. All anyone has to do is think about what they enjoy doing. If you're a silly type of person, run around with your kids. Do things like 'hide and seek' or play 'tag.' Kids will make parents run a lot, and they'll appreciate the time spent with them. If you need more peace in your life, consider taking up weightlifting with free weights, or do yoga or Tai Chi. That said, it is possible to get active in many other ways. Do lunges while walking or run in place when watching television or folding laundry. Those who exercise while they watch their favorite television show will easily exercise thirty minutes to one hour a day. It is also good to exercise during commercials, as even short bursts help lose weight. Finally, try some creative hobbies, like solo frisbee-throwing, to get in a workout.

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Make Time For Family And Friends

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Making time for family and friends promotes health because they provide support and companionship. Laughter has been shown to truly be good medicine. It can help you sleep better, lessen pain, and experience less stress, amongst many other benefits. Do something creative hobbies while making time for family and friends to create a fun and memorable experience. An activity like professional hopscotch with family and friends will keep you laughing for hours.

Your health is a reflection of your daily habits, so choose habits you'd love to have, and you'll see being healthy is easy. This can be the perfect start to a better quality of life.


    HealthPrep Staff