Health Benefits Of Decluttering Your Space

Clutter in the home is a source of comfort for some individuals and an annoyance for others. Your idea of clutter, for instance, may differ drastically from your friend's. We grow in different environments, so conceptions of tidiness and clutter are relative. Many individuals decorate their homes with knick-knacks and a variety of items, but when does it become clutter? It's not the number of things in the house. It's the unorganized chaos that's characteristic of cluttered homes. The definition of clutter references words like litter, mess, and untidy. It isn't what you have in your home but how or even if it's arranged. An unkempt home can be an occasional occurrence for some homeowners, while others may be habitually messy. Some individuals can thrive in an unorganized, chaotic environment, but there are many health benefits to be gained by maintaining a clean, orderly home.

Creates Self-Confidence And Self-Efficacy


Homes can become cluttered with all sorts of belongings. Clothes, furnishings, household items, and various things accumulate over time. Some individuals can function normally in a cluttered home, but the disorder can invariably affect productivity. If you're not keeping up with general tidiness in your home, chances are you're lagging in other areas as well. The amount of effort exerted on any task will usually determine its success or failure. Homeowners who live in a cluttered home may be overwhelmed by keeping up with daily responsibilities.

Decluttering creates self-confidence and self-efficacy and will restore a sense of order to your life. It's a great start to improving your coping abilities. Your determination to face challenges and overcome even bigger obstacles will also be strengthened.

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Improves Your Sleep


Getting your home organized and tidy can help you to relax and sleep peacefully. The arrangement of your bedroom is especially important for a good night's sleep. Many of us are busy with work or school and maybe children too. Our bedroom might become a dumping ground for any and everything at the end of a busy day. It's important to keep this space free of anything that may ruin the tranquility or keep you awake at night, such as your laptop. Try to deal with bills and anything to do with work in another space and don't let your clothes pile up anywhere in your bedroom. Decluttering will not only lighten your space, but it will also take a huge load off your mind. Getting a good night's sleep can improve many areas of your life and decrease your risk of illnesses like heart disease and stroke.

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Reduces Anxiety And Depression


Most individuals think of their home as a haven from the outside world and a place for total relaxation, and a cluttered home is not the best embodiment of a peaceful and serene environment. To the contrary, it may evoke feelings of frustration, guilt, unease, and hopelessness, which can lead to depression and isolation. Some homeowners who live in cluttered homes may also feel embarrassed or ashamed to have visitors in their home, and this can be another source of anxiety and depression.

Living in a cluttered home can be very stressful. The daily routine of having to search for things like car keys because of untidiness can become a source of anxiety. Basic activities like getting ready for work in the morning can be a challenge if cosmetic items, clothing, and shoes are strewn about. Searching for items becomes a daily waste of time, and can also cause you to be late for school, work, or other important engagements. Tidying and organizing items in your home can do wonders for your peace of mind because it reduces anxiety and depression.

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Boosts Productivity And Creativity


Living in a cluttered home diminishes your ability to be productive and creative, similar to an unorganized workspace overflowing with paperwork. This type of environment is not conducive to getting things accomplished or releasing creative energy.

You may have lots of ideas for sprucing up your home, but where do you begin? If there's a huge, messy collection of items, it will be difficult to keep track of everything. Getting rid of the clutter will give you a fresh start and new ideas. Putting things in their proper place and creating some structure in your home will go a long way towards boosting your productivity and creativity. An untidy or overcrowded space can be very distracting and overwhelming. Small boosts to productivity and creativity will allow your true personality to shine through and improve your emotional health.

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Reduces Allergens And Toxins In The Home


Cleaning and organizing items in your home can improve your physical as well and mental health. Cluttered homes are much harder to clean, and they accumulate bacteria and other substances at a much faster rate. There's so much more to clean in a cluttered home, and it can be very time-consuming as a result. Individuals with children and pets have even more of an uphill battle keeping their home free of toxins and allergens. Surfaces have to be dusted and cleaned. Children can be especially messy, and pets shed hair and release dander into the air.

The combination of all these factors can create an unhealthy environment and increase your risk of illness. Most homes are equipped with an HVAC system, and this system can gather and redistribute a variety of substances throughout your entire home. Decluttering reduces allergens and toxins in the house and your risk of illness. Regular filter changes and a vacuum with a HEPA filter can also help.

HealthPrep Staff