The Health Benefits Of Oregano Oil

April 18, 2023

Oregano is a flavorful Mediterranean herb widely used in cooking dishes such as pasta sauces, pizza, bread, and even in marinades for chicken and other meats. However, individuals can extract oil from oregano, which is highly beneficial when it comes to health. Its health benefits are precisely why oregano oil can be found at pharmacies rather than at typical grocery stores. Extracting the oil is a complicated process, which is why it is much better to simply purchase oregano oil at a pharmacy.

So how exactly does oregano benefit an individual’s health? Start reading to reveal the details of the significant benefits now.

Respiratory Condition Treatment

Allergies, colds, bronchitis, and similar conditions all affect the respiratory system. They can cause painful coughs as well as congestion, making smooth and deep breathing quite difficult. Thankfully, one of the most commonly known health benefits of oregano oil is its ability to act as an expectorant. Expectorants loosen and even eliminate mucus and phlegm in an individual's sinuses and respiratory system as a whole. Inflammation can also play a role in bronchitis and the coughing that often accompanies a harsh cold, which is where oregano oil can come in and act as a soothing remedy.

Speaking of inflammation, keep reading to learn more about how oregano oil can help health.

Reduce Inflammation

As stated, oregano oil can help reduce inflammation in the throat, thus lessening the severity of a cough. However, this is not the only element of inflammation oregano oil can help with. Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, oregano oil can relieve redness, irritation, and pain when applied topically to the affected skin, for causes such as injury and arthritis. If consumed it will have a similar effect, but because swallowing it forces it to spread throughout the body, it will take longer to relieve the inflammation and pain. It is particularly useful for relieving the pain and inflammation associated with ear infections as well.

For the best results in reducing inflammation from an ear infection or anywhere on the skin, apply two to three drops of oregano oil and massage it into the affected area. When it comes to an ear infection, use a cotton swab with two or three drops of oil and carefully apply it to the outside of the ear, but never in the ear canal.

Continue reading to learn about the other infections oregano oil can treat.

Treat Viral And Bacterial Infections

Many are unaware of this, but inflammation is only one element of ear infections. Ear infections can occur for a variety of reasons, including allergies as well as viral or bacterial infections. Luckily, oregano oil also possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties, especially in carvacrol, a phenol found in oregano oil in abundance. Carvacrol has been known to destroy the cell membranes of harmful bacteria and prevent replication while also leaving probiotic and ‘healthy’ bacteria intact, which is something commercial antibiotics are typically unable to do. Furthermore, utilizing oregano oil where possible can also delay or prevent antibiotic resistance, which can only benefit individuals.

Keep reading to learn about how oregano oil can lessen the severity of skin conditions now.

Treat Skin Conditions

When applied topically, oregano oil can work wonders for common skin ailments, once again thanks to carvacrol. This compound helps speed up the healing process for acne, cold sores, as well as rashes, and can alleviate the severity of irritating conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Individuals can apply this oil for this purpose in two ways. First, applying it directly to the affected area for increased speed of healing. Alternatively, individuals can dilute two to three drops in a small amount of water and dab the oil mixture onto a cotton ball and then onto the affected area. The second method is preferable for those with sensitive skin.

Continue reading to learn how oregano oil can help keep pesky bugs away from the skin.

Ward Off Bugs

Those who enjoy using natural products can rejoice, as oregano oil makes for a fantastic alternative for many commercial bug repellents, some of which come with their own health concerns. Studies have shown the active components of oregano oil, thymol and carvacrol, are quite effective at keeping mosquitos away from a person’s skin. This is, in part, because they hate the pungent smell of oregano.

Of course, oregano is not the only part of the formula when it comes to bug repellent. Other natural recipes include peppermint oil, witch hazel, boiled water, and citronella oil, in addition to oregano oil. The recipes vary regarding ingredient quantities, though oregano oil and boiled water typically top the list. The goal is, of course, to create a spray akin to commercial sprays, which means a spray bottle is also necessary. Spray as you normally would with a commercial bug spray, though if you have sensitive skin or when using on children, try this natural repellent on your clothing first.

Ready to benefit from oregano oil? Be sure it's always on hand!

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