The Healthiest Ways To Cure A Hangover

They say drinking steals fun from tomorrow and the hangover is the inevitable next-day conclusion to a night screaming lousy karaoke into a microphone with your sweaty friends. This sick, slow, depressed feeling is why we can't drink every night. So, save your booze-swilling for those special nights of celebration, or simply drink after a long, hard week. Just expect a headache. Time is the only true healer of hangovers no matter what's touted by pre- or post-drinking concoction makers. However, this does not mean you can't mitigate the impact of your terrible veisalgia. Take these natural and healthy steps to reduce the agony caused by drinking a little too much.

The 1:1 Rule


The 1:1 rule mitigates your hangover in real time. Following this rules means you drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink consumed, which helps you stay hydrated while reducing the amount of alcohol you will drink through the night. After all, there is only so much room in your stomach and liver. This move not only saves you from a hellish hangover, but it's easy on the wallet too. Patrons can drink a glass of water for free because bartenders are happy to keep them from getting ridiculously drunk. They also provide water for free to help those who are the designated driver for their friends. That's the other bonus of the 1:1 rule: you drink less alcohol through the night so you can remember every bit of it.

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Load Up On Electrolytes


The creators of the first electrolyte sports drink found mixing salt and lemon juice into the football team's water had them lasting longer through oppressive heat. The salts replenished the electrolytes lost to the humidity.

Electrolytes are also lost when you pee every five minutes at the bar. Load up on electrolytes to replenish your body's stores of these critical compounds. However, it is crucial to note you won't get rehydrating electrolytes through drinking water. Sports drinks are an excellent place to start, but you can also look for the more potent pediatric beverages and those designed to help individuals recovering from the flu. Finally, you can always turn to pickle juice in cases of extreme electrolyte loss.

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Make Sure To Eat Before You Drink


Your stomach is a party when you indulge, and every drink's a new character added to the drama, and the characters may or may not get along. You need a bouncer. Foods that digest over long periods will coat the lining of your tummy to slow the absorption of alcohol. It'll create a line at the hot nightclub of your liver. So make sure to eat before you drink. You can get all three macronutrients, proteins, carbs, and fats, in foods like hummus, salmon, pasta, and avocado. But it's not always practical to eat healthy when you're out, so turn to fried chicken in a pinch. Alternatively, eat before you leave the house!

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Eat A Well Balanced Breakfast


You may want to turn to salt, fat, and grease when you're feeling the effects of last night. Many rely on a greasy cheeseburger and a cola to turn their hangovers around. But your body is slowly fighting off everything you drank to cleanse your blood, body, and soul. It needs the proper nutrition to fade the hangover effects faster, so turn down fatty cheeseburgers and eat a well-balanced breakfast to give your body the energy and tools it needs to eradicate those free radicals. Banana smoothies, cantaloupe, banana or avocado toast, granola, sweet potato hash, chia seeds, and eggs can give you those three crucial macronutrients that help speed up recovery.

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Get Plenty Of Rest


Everyone knows drunk sleep doesn't count and you just wake up in the morning with the hair a mess and stumble to the couch because you're so tired. This is the very reason they say drinking steals fun from tomorrow. You're simply not motivated to do anything even though you look like you slept for a million years. Of course, you don't feel a wink of it. This is because those cosmopolitans disrupt restful REM sleep, and alcohol may cause you to toss and turn after passing out. This results in poor sleep with no real rest. Get plenty of rest to make up for the lost sleepy times. Naps always feel good even when you're not hungover.


    HealthPrep Staff