The Signs A Man Is Interested

Have you ever been in the presence of a man, either on a date or in a casual setting, and wondered if there was any romantic connection worth exploring? Maybe you're seeing someone and want to know if he feels the same way you do, but can't read him yet. It can be a serious challenge for women to decipher the male code if he is actually into you or just looking for some fun.

But not to worry, here are some sure-fire signs to tell if the guy you've been vying for is ready for romance and his heart could be yours for the taking.

Facial Expressions


If you want to know whether someone is into you, facial expressions are a vital sign. When conversing, the way he looks at you will say a lot; if he is smiling, then it shows an interest in what you have to say. When his expression moves to pupil dilation or lip licking, there may be a hint of flirtation and interest in wanting to get to know each other on a more vertical level.

If he swallows a lot while talking, this could mean that he wants to be involved with you romantically due to the testosterone levels increasing his saliva output. This sign is one of the most critical in seeing whether a man is into you or just wants to be friends.

Body Language


Not only are facial expressions important, but body language is also another obvious way to tell whether or not he is into you. "Man-spreading" is one of the body styles a man will show you to prove to you that he is completely open in his availability to you. If he is thrusting his chest out at you or his hand movements are more amplified, then that is yet another sign of interest. Furthermore, if his feet are pointing inwards, it indicates that he is interested in you.

The Eyes


Humans have the ability to say a lot with our eyes, as they are the most dominant facial feature and our focal point when communicating with one another. The look in a person's eyes is a huge indicator for attentiveness; if he manages to lock eyes with you for a longer period of time, this shows that his desire for you is strong.

Be aware though, as you may not notice when he has set his gaze on you, as men tend to stare at an attractive women even when she is not reciprocating. When he moves toward you and subtly touches you while looking deeply into your eyes, it is an even bigger signal of his deep fascination for you.



It is relatively well-known that most humans have short attention spans and will only listen to someone if we are interested in what is being discussed. If you find that you're having a hard time finishing a sentence without him interrupting you, it is generally not a good sign. However, if he is attentive, obviously listening, and furthering the conversation, chances are he is into you.

This visual sign is especially important because it is an indicator as to whether he actually cares about you or is just looking for some female action. By listening to what you have to say, he is showing you that he is intently listening and cares about your life. Furthermore, if he can remember what you two talked about at a later date, that is an even bigger measure of his interest.

This sign can show that he is falling for you because he cares enough to listen to what you have to say, and bank it as important info for later.

Asking Personal Questions


If a man asks you questions during a conversation, then he is even more interested in you. Of course, the type of questions he asks play a huge factor in his emotions. If he asks you simple questions such as where the washroom is or where it was that the two of you had dinner the other night, then he might just be avoiding an awkward silence. However, if the questions are more personal, then it shows his interest in you as a human being and that he wants to know everything he can about you to build a deeper connection between the two of you.



Compliments are another important way to tell if a man has an interest in you. If he compliments how you look, or a trait that he admires about you, then he is likely into you. However, there are two types of compliments that can give a better understanding on what he likes about you.

While a compliment based on your physical appearance indicates a more lustful interest, a compliment based on your emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being indicates that he wants more than your body and that he is not superficial. Whether or not he compliments you at all will show his interest in you, but it is important to know the difference between what kind of compliments he's giving out.

Making Plans


If he takes time out of his day to make plans with you, he has an interest in being around you and is likely interested in a relationship. This also indicates that he would like to see you again and doesn't need to play hard to get. This kind of man will usually have no hesitation answering your calls and texts immediately, and will take the initiative to get another date.

One thing to note is when he asks to make plans with you; last-minute plans indicate that it isn't much of a priority and can insinuate a sexual invitation. If he makes plans ahead of time, planning a specific date and activity based on your likes, then this shows that he genuinely wants to spend time with you.



If he goes out of his way to do something nice for you, he is demonstrating that he likes and appreciates you, as well as wants to make you happy.  Little gestures such as picking you up from work, opening the door, or offering to build your new coffee table are the only way some men know how to show love and affection, so pay close attention. If he is truly interested in you, he won't make you feel like you owe him afterward, he wants to make these subtle gestures for you to show that he cares.

Pay close attention to the things he asks to do for you, as he does them out of affection and interest to prove he can be genuine for you.

Introduction To Friends And Family


If a man shows you off to his friends and relatives, it implies that he thinks you two have a promising future together and demonstrates the important role you play in his life. He also wants to see how you interact with other important figures in his life, to decide whether or not you can get along with these people long term.

It can be tricky meshing with different kinds of people, but this will show if the relationship will last or not. Be careful, because in a lot of relationships this step can be the make or break factor in you two staying together or not.

He Tells You How He Really Feels


The last sign is the most obvious yet, and it comes down to him flat-out telling you how he feels about you. Some men have the confidence to express that they like you in words, but it is more common for him to show it differently. He may not outwardly say that he likes you, instead, he will use indicator words such as "I miss you"' or "I want to see you again." This shows that he has a vested interest in seeing you again and you're an important person in his life.

He might even ask that you let him know when you get home safely, or give you his jacket when your cold because he genuinely cares about your well-being.

What Do You Think?


Now that you have some pointers on how to decode the impossible male psyche, you should now have a small insight on if his feelings are genuine or something more sexual. Pay close attention to these signs, and his heart could be yours for the taking.


    HealthPrep Staff