Tips For Staying Healthy During A Holiday

August 27, 2023

Most individuals enthusiastically agree holidays are the most wonderful times of the year! Holidays commemorate special events worth celebrating, often involve time off work and school, and often involve gatherings full of relatives and close friends. Holidays are usually happy times, but they can also become stressful. Whether hosting a holiday event or simply attending one, it’s important not to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, resulting in you neglecting your physical and mental health. Even the most anticipated and joyful occasions can take a toll on your body and mind. We’ve compiled five tips to help you enjoy a happy and healthy holiday.

Identifying Sources of Stress

Nothing can hijack a holiday celebration like stress. Often, there’s a subconscious sense of pressure surrounding the holidays. Especially if you are hosting a gathering or spending time with loved ones who tend to push your buttons, you may become panicky as the holiday approaches and not understand why. Identifying sources of stress in the days and weeks leading up to a holiday lets you prepare mentally and physically, so they don’t ruin your fun. Do you become stressed in crowds? Do you worry about overindulging? Do you tend to become run down during holiday events? Everyone is different, but practicing yoga, writing in a journal, going for a run, or getting a massage are examples of ways that may help you prepare for potential sources of stress. If your anxiety is debilitating, speak to your doctor about prescribing anti-anxiety medication. Keep in mind the benefits of these medications may not kick in until you have taken them for a couple of weeks.

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Remember Healthy Eating Habits

One of the biggest sources of stress associated with the holidays is the struggle to not overindulge in food and drink, and to not gain an unacceptable amount of weight. If you think about the holiday events you usually participate in, your memories are probably packed with delicious meals, an assortment of decadent desserts, and an abundant supply of alcoholic beverages. All of these things are perfectly fine in moderation. Limiting alcohol is especially important because when you overindulge in alcohol, you not only consume excess calories, but you may say things or act in a way you will later regret. Actually, limiting alcohol can be a lot easier if you tell yourself that by doing so, there is room for some dessert. The same holds true with practicing portion control at the dinner table. If someone pressures you to have seconds, tell them you need to pass because you’re leaving room for dessert. Another healthy-eating tip is to set a rule that you will not eat anything after a specific time. Adjust your eating schedule so you will have more time to digest between meals.

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Keep Hygiene In Mind

One of the worst things that can happen to derail your enjoyment of the holidays is to become ill. One of the best things about holiday gatherings is also one of the most potentially dangerous to your health: you’ll probably be surrounded by others, and some may be sick with a contagious illness. Even something minor like touching a doorknob can transfer germs. Keep your hygiene in mind, such as frequently washing your hands or using tissues to open doors. Speaking of tissues, if you find yourself using tissues to blow your nose, it could mean you may be developing a cold or are suffering from an allergy. At the very first sign you may be coming down with an illness, visit a local health clinic. A doctor can prescribe a medication to alleviate or reduce the duration of your symptoms.

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Remember To Stay Active

Don’t overlook the importance of regular physical activity to stay healthy! Even walking for thirty minutes a day does wonders for your health. Take a walk through the neighborhood or, if the weather is bad, walk around a local shopping mall. If you’re physically fit, why not suggest a fun activity your friends and relatives can all enjoy? Some great ideas include playing a game of touch football in the backyard, jogging through the park, going sledding or ice skating, going swimming, and playing golf or tennis. Being active jumpstarts your metabolism, increases blood flow and releases endorphins. These are all highly beneficial for your mental and physical health.

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Take Time For Self Care

Take time for self-care during the holidays. Many holidays are all about giving, such as giving presents and giving the invaluable gift of your time and attention. This is incredibly rewarding, but can also be very draining. There is nothing wrong with taking some time out to take care of yourself. Take a nap or a bath, meditate, read a book, go for a walk, a drive, or a bike ride by yourself, and even get a manicure or pedicure. Making yourself a priority is not selfish. After you take care of yourself, you will have much more energy to care for everyone else.

Whether you plan to enjoy the next holiday at home or away from home, it’s important to take especially good care of yourself. If you’re weighed down by stress, anxiety, or physical illness, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. It’s always best to identify sources of stress before you begin your holiday celebration, so you will feel your best and enjoy a holiday you will always look back on with fond memories!

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