Eat These Healthy Foods To Get That Glow

May 13, 2022

Often in our busy schedules, reaching for sugary snacks and junk food can be tempting. However, eating these unhealthy foods can cause harm to our energy levels and cognitive function. Furthermore, eating a diet too high in refined sugar and empty carbs can cause skin issues such as acne and eczema. The following foods can not only help you feel better, but will help give your skin a glow too.

Slow-Roasted Wild Salmon

Salmon is chalk full of protein, vitamins and the two important omega 3s – DHA and EPA, which helps with brain, nerve and eye development. Full of good polyunsaturated fats, your brain will be running optimally to keep you focused and on task all day long. These good fats also help to fight inflammation in the body, resulting in clear, glowing skin. This slow-roasted salmon bowl is a tasty way to get your salmon fix. It also includes avocados, another great source of omega-3s. Walnuts, chia seeds and hemp hearts are also great brain foods rich with omega-3s.

Raw Sauerkraut

Packed with probiotics and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and various B vitamins, these lacto-fermented vegetables should be part of every anti-inflammation diet. The fermentation process is what creates the probiotics, or the good bacteria, in vegetables. These probiotics inhibit harmful bacteria growth in our guts, which boosts our immune system, and in turn keeps our skin clear. Raw sauerkraut is excellent topped on salads and rice bowls. Other great probiotic rich foods include kimchee, kombucha, kefir, raw apple cider vinegar, and miso.

Pumpkin Seeds

Also known as pepitas, this super seed is packed with protein and magnesium. The body needs magnesium for everything from maintaining muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, in addition developing protein, bone and DNA. One cup of roasted pumpkin seeds boasts 168 milligrams of magnesium, more than half of the 310 mg adult women should consume daily, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Pumpkin seeds are also full of antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamin E and zinc which help improve skin condition aiding in that healthy glow. Enjoy pumpkin seeds in mini vegan pumpkin pies! Other foods rich in magnesium include dark leafy greens, salmon, bananas, and dark chocolate.


This antioxidant king looks and smells like chocolate, but is far from the traditional version of milk chocolate and cocoa powder in terms of nutritional value. High-quality dark chocolates that use raw cacao powder or cacao nibs benefit from the high source of iron, magnesium and calcium that raw cacao packs. Some mood-boosting and energy-enhancing chemicals included in Cacao are serotonin and dopamine making it a delicious way to get your happy on. Cacao’s free radical fighting antioxidants helps to protect skin and prevent tissue damage. Include cacao as a topping for coconut yogurt, breakfast oats and chia puddings. A tasty way to include both cacao and pumpkin seeds is ina Mexican chocolate pudding recipe, making it an overall mood-boosting and skin glowing recipe.

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