The Various Uses Of Baby Powder

Though it first came on the market as a means of preventing diaper rash in babies, baby powder has proven to be an incredibly versatile product. With a wide variety of uses, ranging from medical to home improvement, you should definitely consider purchasing some baby powder to keep in your home. For a low price, you could have the answer to all sorts of problems in a bottle in your linen closet. If you use it often enough, you could come up with ways to use it that haven't even been considered. Here are some of the various uses of baby powder.

Prevents Chafing


Just hearing the word 'chafing' is enough to make almost anyone feel uncomfortable. When you deal with skin chafing regularly, such as when running, it can seem as though there are no reasonable means of coping with it. Thankfully, baby powder prevents chafing. The best way to use it is pre-emptively. Before you take part in any strenuous activity, apply some baby powder to the necessary body parts. This could be done for running, bike riding, or even dancing. The pains of chafing aren't something you have to put up with any longer, thanks to the magic of baby powder.

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Cosmetic Uses


You're heard of face powder, right? So, why not try baby powder as a type of makeup? The delicate nature of baby powder means it could be something to keep right with your makeup brushes and lip gloss. Remarkably, baby powder has multiple cosmetic uses. For instance, it can help you with giving your eyelashes more significance. It can also improve the endurance of lipstick. Should you have any cuts as a result of shaving your legs, dab some baby powder to stop the bleeding. The next time you're getting ready for a night out on the town, reach for a bottle of baby powder to help out.

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Cools Your Bedsheets


Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, trying to fall asleep, but not able to due to stuffy bedsheets? The good news is it turns out baby powder cools your bedsheets. You just need to drizzle some onto your sheets and blankets! The unbearable warmth of your bed can be adjusted thanks to some baby powder. You don't want to smother sheets in it, as that would feel even more uncomfortable. Instead, put down a light amount on the first night and see just how much easier it is to fall asleep. To ensure you remember, try keeping a bottle of baby powder on your nightstand.

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Treats Eczema And Dry Skin


Anyone who's dealt with eczema or chronically dry skin knows how painful it can be, mentally and physically. Baby powder treats eczema and dry skin. Individuals who have eczema or even just dry skin can apply baby powder to help reduce the symptoms, such as the intense pain and discomfort they feel. As skin starts to dry up, patients with these conditions can use baby powder to soothe themselves. It's not enough to cure eczema and dry skin completely, but it can definitely make them more manageable. Baby powder is also easy to find. In case of a sudden outbreak in public, you can head to a store to find this very effective treatment.

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Removes Odors


A strong odor can be removed thanks to baby powder. Any place prone to foul odors, such as your gym shoes, bathroom, or underarms can benefit from some baby powder. If you have ever smelled baby powder up close, you will definitely understand how it removes odors. Even if you don't smell anything bad, you could still improve the scent of your home by using baby powder. If you have lived with pets or children for long enough, your nose might have become a bit immune to some powerful odors. It's better to be safe rather than sorry and apply some baby powder to odorous areas.


    HealthPrep Staff