How To Deal With Menopause-Related Incontinence

June 27, 2022

Incontinence is a problem that occurs for many people at many ages and for different reasons. Experiencing incontinence can make them feel like they’re a child again, and make them feel like they have less dignity. Incontinence can be annoying but doesn’t have to make a woman feel like a child who needs a diaper. She can regain her sense of dignity through these three practices:

Go Often, Before You Think You Need To

One of the biggest problems with women and incontinence is that it can sneak up on them. They’re busy meeting with friends, or in a business setting and forget that they need to go to the bathroom. The next thing they know, they feel a dampness between their legs from having gone where and when they didn’t want to. It’s embarrassing and frustrating. In order to prevent this from happening, women who are starting to experience this should make an effort to go to the bathroom more often than they think they might need to. They should go on arriving at the office and take short breaks every two hours just to make sure.

Remember To Relax

Stress has many impacts on the body; one of them being incontinence. Being incontinent causes stress for many women, and even shame. They feel shame at having to use special panties or sanitary pads to hide their problem. It is stressful to always wonder if they’re going to have an accident. Having to deal with incontinence can oftenmake a womanfeel as though she does not have control of herown body. For women who are simultaneouslyexperiencing menopause, this can make an already difficult situation feel much worse. Taking the time to relax, and to go for treatments that help the body, mind, and spirit relax can reduce the impact that incontinence can have on a woman.

Pelvic Exercises Increase Pleasure

There are certain exercises that a woman can do that can help strengthen her pelvic muscles. These muscles are part of what a woman uses to control the flow of urine but also have the added benefit of making intercourse more pleasurable. These exercises, at first, should be started while seated on the toilet until some measure of control is developed. Focusing on the muscles that surround the urethra, tighten the muscles and then slowly relax them. Doing this exercise ten times each time that she goes to the washroom, a woman can gradually increase her ability to “hold it” and even stop urinating mid-stream. In this way, she’ll increase her ability to wait until she can reach the bathroom in good time. But best of all, she’ll have a more pleasurable experience in the bedroom. Which is something to smile about during menopause.

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