How To Deal With Negative News Stories

August 27, 2023

You know that high-flying place you find yourself when something great is happening in your life and things are going well. Now, remember the times you heard something terrible on the news. Hearing negative press and negative stories affect our stress levels big time. Besides ruining your overall mood in the short term, it has a more negative long-term effect. Individuals who are exposed to negative stories in which nothing can be done to help can lose their sense of control and purpose in life. Negative news stories are precisely that: adverse events for which nothing can be done. A person who is usually very proactive and problem-solving in their regular life might feel they lose a part of their sense of purpose and hope for the future after watching something negative. While the media projects negative stories on a daily basis and individuals tend to amplify adverse situations, you can learn to steer clear of this influence, and live your life to the fullest without being affected.

Disconnect From The Media

The media is the main source of negativity from overblown negative events. In fact, the content in the media has little to do with real life where negative and positive events are balanced. Individuals who watch media are more prone to feel helpless, and thus it is a good idea to disconnect from the media as much as possible. There is no practicality in watching stories about things that cannot be changed. Not listening to the negative news is not being ignorant. It is being responsible for the things you can do and not waste your precious time, energy, and mental health on things you cannot change. Focus on the things you can do in our own life instead.

Do Something You Enjoy

Instead of watching negative stories or reading negative newspapers, it is much wiser to find things you enjoy in your life. A person who is happy and looking forward to good times is a better citizen of the world. When you enjoy your life, you will make others around you happy as well, since happiness is just as contagious as sorrow. Make time to do something you enjoy every day. Once you are in the state of enjoyment, all other activities and responsibilities will feel lighter, and you will be much more productive because you have hope and expectation for future wonderful moments.

Talk About It, Then Let Go

It's true: negative news stories dominate the media. This is because negative stimuli reach our brains quicker than positive ones and part of the instinctive fight or flight mechanism of the brain is unleashed, which makes you instinctively pay attention to the threat of negative news. If a negative news story has gotten to you, it is best to talk about it with a professional or someone who can objectively help you come out of the negativity bias towards the situation. It is of no use to keep a distorted image of reality you do not enjoy. Every situation has two sides to it, and you can choose on which end of the stick you want to stand. It is only to your advantage if you choose to believe in the goodness of the world and events, and take the best out of life in all cases. Take it off your chest by talking about it, and then let go of things you cannot change.

Take Control Of News Sources

Are you someone who wants to know what is happening throughout the world anyhow? It is good to care about the world and what is happening out there. However, there are plenty of news sources to pick from. Take control of news sources by choosing ones that objectively reflect world events. Such news sources can be found online at a neutral media source without an interest in sparking negative reactions or expressing opinions on world events. Plenty of positive news being broadcasted on the internet shows the world in its true color without adding dark hues and trying to attract with exaggerated negative headlines.

Change Up Your Routine

If you want to change your everyday life and mood and make yourself invincible to news stories, change up your routine a little every day. Your morning is the most important time of the day. It is the time when you set the tone for all the events that follow. First impressions early in the morning affect you most of all, which is why you should start your day with a positive news outlet, entertainment, or just doing something you enjoy. This will open your day up for a whole new array of experiences and perspectives. Feeling happy first thing in the morning makes time go by slower as the day goes by, and you will find yourself more productive than ever before. Going to bed in a good mood will also guarantee a better night's sleep and a more productive tomorrow.

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