10 Great Reasons To Keep Your Teeth Clean

January 4, 2022

When it comes to proper dental hygiene, many underestimate the importance of brushing their teeth regularly and maintaining healthy gums. The truth is, taking good care of one’s teeth can help keep the entire body running more efficiently, as well as reduce the risk of obtaining many diseases. On top of that, healthy teeth mean a more polished appearance, upping confidence, and overall life satisfaction. Check out these ten benefits of maintaining clean teeth.

10. Prevent Gum Disease

gum disease

Unhealthy gums will form when too much plaque and bacteria build up inside of a person’s mouth. Many people find themselves facing issues with their gums and end up getting gingivitis. Gingivitis will cause swelling and bleeding, and it is the beginning stage of developing gum disease. Gum disease can trigger other health issues and lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.

By brushing and flossing on a regular basis, gum disease can be avoided. Investing in a strong mouthwash will help, as well. Most importantly, stay up-to-date on dentist visits, as a professional will have the best insight as far as what type of care is needed.

9. Save Money

dental costs

Taking small steps now will save a lot of time and money in the future. The cost of regular cleanings every six months is far less than the price of big fixes that will need to be done, should teeth and gums become neglected. Many preventative steps can be taken to avoid spending big bucks on dental care. If these steps are ignored, extra maintenance is inevitable.

If dental work is required, checking up on insurance and dental plans before undergoing any work is a smart way to plan ahead. Keep in mind that most plans offer free cleanings and x-rays, so taking advantage of these is a painless and economical choice for anyone wanting to save money throughout the process.

8. Protect Your Heart

Dental & heart

There are more links between the mouth and the heart than one might suspect. It is thought that plaque build-up will result in harmful bacteria entering the bloodstream, thus affecting the heart’s ability to pump efficiently. Also, inflammation of the gums may have a connection with clots forming throughout a person’s body, which affects blood flow and forces the heart to work harder than necessary.

In the end, the same life choices that lead to gum disease are the same ones that lead to heart problems. By avoiding foods and drinks which damage teeth, keeping up a regular brushing routine, and by taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle, a person’s body will remain much healthier throughout time.

7. Reduce Diabetes Risk


Dental problems have the capability of increasing a person’s likelihood of developing diabetes. Gum disease leads to countless issues within the entire body and affects the ability to control insulin levels, which will trigger diabetes naturally.

Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, his or her likelihood of developing other teeth and gum issues often arise, thus initiating a vicious cycle. These problems have to do with possessing less control over blood sugar levels, which then affects the body’s ability to fight off infections. Maintaining good dental health will help keep diabetes-related problems in check, should one find themselves diagnosed.

6. Prevent Abscesses

Woman suffering from toothache

The mouth is prone to various forms of build-up, especially when not given proper care. There are a lot of bacteria on a person’s teeth and throughout the mouth. Addressing this bacteria and taking the appropriate steps to get rid of it will prevent infections that could eventually turn into painful abscesses.

Redness, swelling, open sores, and foul breath are just some of the many symptoms that go along with dental abscesses. They are also known for being quite painful and can make the teeth very sensitive. Ignoring a tooth abscess may lead to the eventual removal of the tooth or a root canal. In other cases, the gums themselves need to be drained, so an incision is made to help work the infection out.

5. Keep Pregnancy Healthy

Pregnancy impacts various parts of the body, some of which may be more surprising than others. Many do not realize the impact that keeping teeth clean makes in maintaining the health of an unborn baby. There have been links between gum disease and miscarriages, as well as premature births.

Bacteria that builds up in the mouth can quickly spread throughout the body, so keeping up a good dental routine is important when trying to grow another life. Staying up-to-date on check-ups and brushing at least twice a day is still safe to do while pregnant. More major procedures should be avoided and expecting mothers should not be afraid to approach their dentist with any concerns.

4. Help Lose Weight


It may sound silly, but brushing one’s teeth can trigger the mentality that it is time to stop eating for the day. If a person gets into the routine of brushing after their last meal, then eating again would mean having to brush again which is not an ideal plan. Once a routine is established, the idea of eating after brushing will become less appealing, making late-night snacking less desirable.

On top of this, food tends to taste differently after brushing. If a cookie craving kicks in, but the taste is assured to be different than expected, a person is far less likely to enjoy it.

3. Chew And Speak Properly


If teeth start to decay or if infections go too long without being addressed, the jaw, lips, and tongue could be affected, thus causing problems with speech. Not being able to communicate properly will create many challenges as far as maintaining daily routines and will prompt the need to reevaluate how normal activities should be addressed.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important in keeping all parts of the body functioning efficiently. Without the ability to chew properly, eating becomes less enjoyable and more difficult. If the teeth are not healthy enough to fulfill their primary purpose of breaking down food, alternative options may need to be considered, such as pureeing the food or only eating certain types of foods with softer textures.

2. Prevent Bad Breath

Forgot to brush my teeth

When bacteria build up, they are accompanied by many negative things. One of these is a nasty smell coming from the mouth. When food gets left out of proper storage, it quickly starts to go bad and stink. The same applies to food that is stuck in teeth. If it sits there long enough, it will produce an unpleasant odor making those who have to smell it uncomfortable.

Flossing, brushing, and maintaining regular check-ups will all work wonders in preventing bad breath from occurring. Certain foods are more prone to cause odor, so if garlic or onion was recently consumed, a few extra brushes or swigs of mouthwash throughout the day will not hurt anything and will help in keeping breath fresh.

1. Maintain Confidence

Portrait of smiling asian woman sitting at the dentist

Not maintaining teeth and mouth health leads to decay and infection, both of which cause unsightly issues throughout the mouth. Abscesses, swollen gums, missing teeth, and plaque build-up are just a few of the many things that can make a person feel insecure about their smile.

Other health issues that come about due to improper dental care can hinder a person’s confidence, as well. When the body is not functioning as efficiently as possible, it often affects moods and comfort levels. By keeping everything in top shape, attitudes will be positively affected, thus affecting overall life outlook and boosting self-esteem.

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