Benefits Of Dental Implants

January 16, 2024

Individuals who don't want the mess and hassle of dentures may feel as though they're out of luck in receiving a brand new smile. This can understandably cause quite a bit of embarrassment and keep these individuals from smiling at their fullest. Thankfully, dentists have since developed a different solution to perfect smiles. Dental implants have been used for a few decades now and have only been met with more innovation and more success. Essentially, they are anchors that bond with the jawbone naturally. They then allow handmade crowns that match an individual's teeth perfectly to be placed and fixed permanently. This will enable individuals to talk, chew, and use their teeth as naturally as before. Get to know some awesome health benefits of dental implants now.

Makes Eating Easier

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for individuals who have dental implants, especially over dentures, is they make eating easier. When an individual is missing teeth, especially their molars, the ability to chew is greatly reduced. Even the incisors, which are made for tearing and ripping, can make chewing quite a bit more difficult if they're not there. Individuals may no longer be able to enjoy certain foods simply because it's too much of a pain to figure out how to chew them. Dental implants remove that problem. They are secured tightly to the jaw, so it's essentially like the individual in question has their teeth back. Where dentures may slip or even fall out if not secured with high-grade adhesive, individuals don't have to worry about this occurring with the secured dental implants. Dentures can also make chewing a problem because they're not made specifically for patient needs. They're often too flat or delicate to provide the function patients need for chewing tough foods like red meat. Dental implants can help everyone enjoy their favorite foods.

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Speech Improvements

Individuals may not realize how important their teeth are in terms of being able to speak until they're missing. Teeth serve a purpose far greater than just for chewing. In fact, they've become the primary tools individuals use for speech. They work together to form hard sounds and provide the structure the tongue needs to form certain sounds and letters. If a tooth is missing, or enough teeth are missing, the tongue doesn't have anything to work against to form those sounds and letters anymore. As such, dental implants help with speech improvements. As dentures are essentially fake teeth resting on the gums with only a bit of flimsy adhesive, they may not be held together strongly enough for the tongue to work against them. This can sometimes create a lisp when an individual is speaking, or they may not be able to make sharp sounds and words at all. Too much strain of the tongue against the teeth can make dentures slide right off. This does not occur with dental implants.

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Aesthetically Pleasing

Many first impressions are made with a smile and displaying missing teeth can give the wrong impression to someone. They might believe the individual smiling doesn't care much about personal hygiene. Regarding business, a prospective partner may come to believe if someone doesn't care enough about their personal hygiene, then why would they care enough about their business ventures? It can also be quite a turn-off for potential romantic partners. Essentially, missing teeth can be unpleasant to look at for many individuals. Thankfully, dental implants can make anyone's smile aesthetically pleasing once more. Dentures, however, can look fake, as all of the teeth are a little too perfectly aligned and all the same color. The fake gums can also make some individuals uncomfortable. Because dental implants work to fuse the natural jawbone and gums with a handcrafted tooth or set of teeth, it looks more natural and organic. As such, when an individual smiles, those they're smiling at likely won't even realize they have a false tooth or false set of teeth.

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Improves Oral Hygiene

A missing tooth can set off a whole bunch of problems for an individual's oral health. For one, the exposed gums can easily be infected by bacteria, particularly because the mouth is constantly under siege with bacteria. Some of this bacteria is good in that it helps break down food, but some of it can cause a lot of harm. The area can become infected and start to swell, and it can also then spread to the rest of the gums, resulting in further tooth loss or just a whole lot of pain.

Additionally, without a tooth there to support it, the jaw bone can start to crumble. Teeth around the missing tooth can also begin to erode and fall out or become grossly misaligned. Dental implants seal up that gap and ensure teeth maintain their alignment. It also prevents bacteria from reaching the empty socket and possibly causing an infection. In essence, a dental implant significantly improves oral hygiene.

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Boost Self-Esteem

One last aspect where individuals can benefit from dental implants is they can boost self-esteem. For many individuals, missing any teeth can be quite embarrassing. Whether they lost it in a fight, accident, or just because they didn't floss enough, the loss of a tooth can be incredibly tough to deal with. Luckily, dental implants can restore their smile with ease. Individuals no longer have to worry about others trying to guess if their teeth or real or fake when wearing dentures. Nor do they have to worry about what others are thinking when they see a missing tooth. Dental implants are a secure and durable method of perfecting a smile. Because they're permanent, individuals don't have to worry about constantly seeing their dentist to put in new implants. Their smile is fixed, and they can show it off as often as they like. No one will know the difference.

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