15 Effective Tips For Glowing Skin This Winter

The cold winter air is refreshing, but it wreaks havoc on a person's skin. Dry, irritated, red skin is not on anyone’s list of must-haves for the winter season, which is why it is imperative people learn how to keep their skin soft, fresh, and glowing when the temperature drops. Winter weather is dry, and the wind does not help when it comes to keeping skin moisturized and healthy. These tips help men and women stay healthy, looking good, and feeling good all winter. The best part is each one helps people benefit their health in more than one way.

Turn Down The Water Temperature

It may feel nice, but hot water does little to help with skin’s moisture, which is why it is time to turn down the temperature and wash the face with lukewarm water. The tepid water works to keep moisture in the skin, and it helps stay fresh and hydrated in the shower. It is not always easy to take a lukewarm shower when the temperature is freezing, but it is the best way to ensure skin looks and feels good. The hair also benefits from avoiding scalding hot water, as it helps lock in the moisture when the water temp is comfortable.

Take Shorter Showers

No one wants to hear they need to make it quick in the shower when all they want is a long, hot shower at the end of a cold winter day. However, the longer the time spent in the shower, the more damage is done to the skin. Even if a person keeps the water lukewarm and avoids those scalding hot temperatures, anything over 10 minutes can be detrimental. After that, the natural moisture in one's skin begins to seep out, and skin becomes more damaged with every long shower they take.

Change Drying Habits

A quick rub down with a towel after showering can result in damage to the dermis. Most people rub the towel over their skin to dry as quickly as possible, but it is not the correct way to dry off. Rubbing a towel over the skin removes the body’s natural moisture, which is no good for the skin. The proper technique is to pat the body dry to keep the moisture locked in as much as possible, though it can be a difficult habit to create. It takes a little more time after each shower, but the benefits are worth the additional time.

Moisturize Immediately Following Showers

The shower opens pores and helps the body absorb moisture faster and more efficiently, and this is why it's integral to moisturize as quickly as possible. Once out of the shower, seize the moisturizing window while the pores are still open. It does not hurt to apply lotion when skin is already dry, but it is more beneficial to moisturize immediately following a shower. People may use any lotion they please, but it does help to find one that speaks to their particular skin type.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated during summer is often far easier than it is in the winter. The summer heat creates thirst, and few things feel as good as a nice glass of ice-cold water in the heat. The body requires just as much water in the winter, and it is imperative to drink just as much in the cold weather as it is in the hot weather. Be sure to take in at least eight glasses of water each day, and the skin will reap the benefits. Staying hydrated keeps skin looking fresh, dewy and full of youthful elasticity.

Wear Sunscreen

The common misconception regarding sunscreen is that it is only necessary to use in the summer when outdoor exposure is at its highest. However, this is just a misconception. Sunscreen is required each day no matter much sun is in the forecast. Sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and it helps it to appear younger and more vibrant. Wearing it in the winter also protects the skin from the same harmful UV rays. The winter rays might not be as noticeable as those felt in the summer, but they are no less dangerous in the colder weather.

Use Overnight Moisturizer

Those with naturally beautiful skin might forgo additional moisturizing. It is easy to assume skin is already lovely and does not need overnight moisturizing cream, but it should be used regardless. This is especially true in the winter when the air is dry and cold. Using this kind of moisturizer helps keep skin healthy and glowing overnight by locking in moisture when not outdoors in the cold. It sets into the skin, keeping it feeling young, fresh, and beautiful. A person is never too young or too old to begin this habit.

Eat Fruit

One thing to consider in the winter is that fruit is still good for the skin and overall health. Fruit often feels like one of those things people enjoy more in the warm weather while sitting outdoors on a sunny day, but it’s good for the skin all year. Fruits have a high water content, and that water helps hydrate the skin from the inside out. Eating watermelon, apples, and cucumbers during the winter can keep skin feeling and looking beautiful. Make it a habit to include one healthy fruit or vegetable snack each day.


Those looking to better their skin need not exfoliate each day, but it should be added to the beauty routine at least once per week. Exfoliating during the winter helps remove dead skin and other particles that might clog pores. The dead skin has to go somewhere during the winter, and it sometimes stays right on the face when the time isn't taken to clean it off regularly. Skin cannot remain moisturized if dead skin cells are blocking pores, and it also means blackheads are more common in the winter months.

Wear A Hat

Some things about the body can be changed, but others like the skin cannot. There's no coming back from certain kinds of skin damage, which makes it critical to take care of it. When one layer of skin is damaged, all layers are likely damaged. Winter is no time to forgo hats because the sun is not as bright or problematic. Skin needs all the protection it can get from free radicals, so wearing a hat in the winter is one way to continue to protect skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

Cover Your Face

It might not be necessary depending on location, but cold days with harsh wind and snow are perfect for face covers. Wearing a scarf or other protective cover over the face when the wind is blowing cold dry air protects skin from further damage. If conditions are warm throughout the year, this should not be a significant concern. However, windy days do call for some protection from the harsh elements, and it never hurts to invest in a good cap with a facial cover or a scarf.

Do Not Forget The Lips

It is too easy to forget to keep lips moisturized in the winter, but lips are part of a person's skin and need protection accordingly. Carry some chapstick or other medicated lip ointment around to keep lips moist and healthy. It is necessary to take excellent care of the skin, but forgetting to care for the lips means undoing all the hard work put into taking care of the face the rest of the year. Protect the lips just as much as the rest of the body.

Keep Hands Off

One of the simplest things to do for the skin in the winter is to keep the hands off the face. The hands are not clean no matter what they feel like and this is true no matter what time of the year. The hands are covered in germs, dirt, oils and other things that no one wants near their face, which is why touching the face as little as possible is the recommended protocol. Keep hands moisturized all winter, considering when they are dry and neglected, they are also a sign of aging.

Skip The Shave

Ladies everywhere will be enthused to hear they should put down the razor and skip shaving every day during the winter. There is a well-used joke that winter is the season for putting away the razor, but it might make a woman's day to learn this has more to do with good health than it does laziness during the months of covering up. A woman's skin is more easily irritated during the winter due to the fact it is dried out and more fragile, and shaving only makes it more irritated. It is alright to shave, but don’t feel the need to do it every day.

Don’t Hold The Phone To Your Face

Multitasking is often necessary, so sometimes it is a little easier to carry on a phone conversation with someone with the phone tucked neatly between the ear and the shoulders. It is tempting, but do not do this. These days cell phones are carried around everywhere and as a result are often dirtier than a bathroom toilet in a public restroom. Think about it; most phones see the bathroom, unwashed hands, public transport, germy door handles, and even sometimes end up on the floor. If a person wants beautiful skin that glows all winter, keep the phone away from the face.