Natural Remedies For A Sunburn

October 23, 2023

Sunburns usually occur during summer months and are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The primary source of these potentially harmful rays is the sun. Tanning equipment is another producer of UV radiation. A sunburn results in red, inflamed skin that usually flakes and peels after a few days. Severe cases can cause blistering, dehydration, and infection. Reduce the risk of sunburn by staying out of the sun, avoiding the use of tanning equipment, and protecting the skin while outdoors. Using liberal amounts of sunscreen lotion and covering up as much as possible can go a long way towards the prevention of sunburn and long-term damage to the skin.

In the event of sunburn, there are many home remedies and natural cures to help ease the pain and soothe skin until it heals.

Ice Compress

An ice compress can soothe sunburned skin and absorb some of its heat. It's very easy to make an ice compress, and it's one of the easiest and best ways to cool burned, inflamed skin. A compress can provide immediate comfort for painful sunburns. A padded cold compress is the ideal receptacle for the ice, but individuals can use other materials such as a towel for the application. They should start by placing some ice cubes and water in a bowl with water. A piece of cloth or towel can be soaked in the liquid for placement on the affected area. Individuals should apply the compress as often as needed for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. They should avoid placing the ice directly onto the burned skin because this can compound the damage by causing a cold burn in addition to the sunburn.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has long been used to treat a variety of skin ailments, including sunburns. Individuals can use the gel inside the actual aloe plant or creams and lotions that contain the substance. Aloe vera is often used to treat the inflammation and pain caused by a sunburn. The substance is also great as a moisturizer for damaged and peeling skin. In addition, there's scientific evidence aloe vera gel can also speed up the healing process. The aloe plant is inexpensive, hardy, and doesn't require a lot of care. Individuals can also find a wide variety of aloe creams and lotions over-the-counter to treat sunburns. If they're fortunate enough to have a plant, they can simply cut a piece open and apply the gel directly onto the sunburn to get instant relief. Aloe gel can be found in many pharmacies, and it's the best substitute for the gel found in the plant. Many aloe-based lotions, creams, and ointments are available to treat sunburns, and some may contain an anesthetic for sunburn relief called lidocaine.

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Cool Milk

Cool milk eases the pain of a sunburn because of its anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. This is because of its acidity, protein, and fat content. Dairy products are full of vitamins and minerals that meet some of the body's needs. Some of the products can also be used as a soothing treatment for the pain caused by a sunburn. Milk aids the healing process of sunburned skin because it contains lactic acid, which is beneficial during exfoliation of dried-up skin. Individuals have to use cow's milk for treatment instead of the non-dairy versions like almond or soy. They should apply the cool milk directly onto their skin with a clean cloth. They can also use it with a compress. Individuals should rinse the area if they have to be out and about during the day to avoid a bad odor. They can use a compress and apply it as needed for about fifteen minutes while at home. Individuals should prepare the compress by soaking it in a bowl of chilled milk and ice cubes.

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Oatmeal Paste

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the best remedies for irritated skin. It can be used in many forms as a treatment for skin conditions like rashes or chicken pox. Oatmeal soothes sunburns and helps reduce itchiness while the skin is healing. It also works well for sunburn relief. For use as a cure for sunburns, oatmeal can be used in two ways. It can be made into a paste for direct application to the sunburned skin or placed in a warm bath for a full-body soak. Individuals can grind dry oatmeal into a fine powder in a blender or food processor, and then mix it with water or milk and honey to make an oatmeal paste. The exact measurements of each ingredient will vary depending on the quantity of paste desired.

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Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda can be used to make a paste to treat many symptoms of sunburn. This cure works by balancing the pH of your skin. Baking soda paste is easy to make and works great for relieving itching and skin inflammation. The paste is even more effective when allowed to dry on the skin. It's a soothing substance often used for skin conditions that sting and irritate the skin like poison ivy. It also soothes the burning sensation caused by sun-damaged skin. The paste is created by mixing a few tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of water in a small bowl. Individuals can use gauze or cotton balls to apply the paste to the affected areas. They should gently dab the mixture onto the skin instead of rubbing it in, and reapply as needed.

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Cool Shower Or Bath

One helpful thing individuals can do for a sunburn is to take a cool shower or bath. They should make sure not to make the water too cold, as that might be unpleasant against their skin. At the same time, cool temperatures are better than lukewarm temperatures. They may make individuals feel as though the pain is leaking out of the burn. It helps soothe the burning feeling and agitation on the skin. Individuals should avoid taking hot showers or baths when they have a sunburn, as this can just cause further irritation and burning to the skin. Hot water might also strip the skin's natural oils and delay the healing process. This technique works best for mild sunburns, though it may provide some relief for moderate sunburns as well. In the same vein, using cool wet compresses on the area for ten to fifteen minutes each day can also be helpful.

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Honey is well known for being a sweet, natural ingredient to add to teas and other beverages. It has a soothing effect on sore throats, as well as for sunburned skin. If individuals are going to use honey, they should use raw honey that doesn't have any artificial ingredients added. Raw honey is a natural antiseptic that can help kill bacteria around the site of the sunburn and prevent infection from occurring. To use it as a treatment, individuals should spread one thin layer over their affected skin. This is a natural balm that can protect them against infection and other unpleasantness. After individuals spread the thin layer over the skin, they should cover the area with a patch of gauze and allow it to sit for a while. Another selling point of honey is it acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin, which can often be flaky and dry and peeling following a sunburn. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory effects help reduce the pain from the immune system's reaction to the sunburn. All in all, it's a soothing home remedy.

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One potentially surprising way to treat a sunburn is by using yogurt. Many individuals have this ingredient available in their fridge, or they can even make homemade yogurt using their milk. Greek yogurt is among the most popular options used for this purpose. The mechanism of action is due to lactic acid, which causes the yogurt to be an anti-inflammatory substance that can moisturize and soothe sunburns. The reason Greek yogurt is ideal is because it goes through a straining process that's much more thorough and repetitive than with traditional yogurt. This causes the final result to be a thicker mixture with a high concentration of probiotics. There have been studies indicating applying probiotics topically to the skin can help decrease sensitivity and redness. This means the nerves will be less sensitive to the pain and experience less overall irritation. There may be some cosmetic benefits as well, if individuals are worried about the redness of their skin. Experts recommend applying plain Greek yogurt to the sunburned area and then rinsing it off after fifteen minutes.

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Vitamin E Cream

Vitamin E cream can sometimes be used to help with sunburns. There are also capsules available with vitamin E supplements inside. If individuals can't find a topical cream, one of these capsules will do the trick. They can prick it open with a pin and put the cream or the oil onto the sunburned area. Individuals should be very gentle as they work the oil into the skin, making sure the entire area is thoroughly covered. Individuals might also ingest vitamin E capsules that are meant to be taken as supplements. Ingested vitamin E helps reduce the body's inflammatory responses and repair damage to the skin. The dosage individuals should use varies depending on the manufacturer and the capsule. Some products allow individuals to take anywhere from one to five capsules daily for one to two days following the initial injury. Patients should always talk to a doctor before they start taking any supplements, especially if they take any regular medications that might interact with them.

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Cucumbers might be a popular treatment at the spa, but they actually have soothing properties that go beyond frivolously placing slices on the eyes. Studies have shown they're actually very good for sunburns. The plant is cool and refreshing, and it has properties that help reduce itchiness on the skin. This is especially helpful for the first few days after a sunburn, when the skin is just starting to peel and heal. Many individuals find they experience more itching than pain during these days, but when they do itch, they end up feeling burning agony. Take a cucumber and slice it. Rub the fresh slices gently over the sunburn. If the area is small enough, individuals can lay the slices on top of it and let the juices penetrate their skin for anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. If individuals want, they can also let them lay longer. After taking the cucumbers off, try leaving the juice for a few hours before rinsing it to get maximum benefits.

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