How To Treat Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs refer to legs that have a lot of little dark spots all over them. They are called strawberry legs because the dots make the skin look like a strawberry covered in seeds. Though strawberry legs do not generally cause or indicate any health problems, individuals usually find them unsightly. Therefore, they usually try to get rid of the spots. If individuals have strawberry legs and want them to go away, do not worry. There are many treatments to remove the little spots from the legs. These treatments vary from simple, inexpensive at-home solutions to professional procedures.

Moisturize Skin Daily


One of the easiest things patients can do to get rid of strawberry legs is to moisturize their skin daily. This starts with finding a good-quality moisturizer or lotion at the store. Individuals should moisturize their legs every day, and if they have time, they should do it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. They should also make sure to apply lotion or moisturizer immediately after every shave. This will keep the skin from drying out and will reduce skin irritation, which is often a cause of strawberry legs. Moisturizing is the simple first step to preventing strawberry legs, and it only takes a few minutes. It also has zero side effects.

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Practice Proper Shaving Techniques


Another thing patients can do to prevent strawberry legs is to practice proper shaving techniques. Shaving improperly leads to irritated skin on the legs, which can result in strawberry spots. Individuals should always shave in the direction the hairs are pointing and run the razor across the skin gently. Many individuals press the razor into their skin while they are shaving, but this is not necessary and can lead to cuts and skin irritation. Individuals should take their time to shave to ensure they are using the proper technique. If patients are using the proper technique but still have problems with strawberry legs or irritation, they may wish to consider using a single-blade or electric razor. Also, everyone should make sure to use a good shaving cream or oil to shave their legs.

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Exfoliate The Skin Regularly


Yet another at-home solution to strawberry legs is to exfoliate the skin regularly. Patients can buy exfoliants at the store or make their own. Health and beauty stores sell a variety of skin scrubs of high quality, and grocery stores sometimes have more budget-friendly exfoliants. To make a skin scrub at home, mix some granulated sugar with coconut or olive oil. If desired, individuals can add some essential oil to give the scrub a nice smell. Individuals should exfoliate once every few days and try to do it after every shave. They should also do this before applying lotion. It may add a few extra minutes to their beauty routine, but individuals will thank themselves later for doing it.

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Electrolysis is a treatment for strawberry legs done by a dermatologist, and it involves using electricity on the hair follicles. It helps treat ingrown hairs and reduces the appearance of dark spots on the legs. When patients get electrolysis, the doctor puts a device called an epilator onto the skin. This device emits radio waves into the skin and stops the hair follicles from growing. Electrolysis is permanent and very effective, though it takes many sessions to work completely. It also has several temporary side effects including skin irritation. Furthermore, electrolysis can be very expensive. For individuals who can afford it, however, electrolysis can be worth it to get rid of strawberry legs for good.

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Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is another professional treatment option for strawberry legs. This treatment removes hair follicles from the legs so the hairs cannot grow back. Strawberry legs cannot exist without hair follicles, so laser treatment gets rid of the problem entirely. If patients get this treatment on their legs, they will also not have to shave anymore. This is a great option for anyone who has problems with skin irritation after shaving. The downside to laser therapy is it is very expensive. However, it might be a good thing to save up for when strawberry legs are an issue. The other downside is laser therapy has side effects such as skin swelling and irritation after the treatment. These side effects are temporary, and many patients find laser therapy to be worth the pain.


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