How To Get By On Very Little Sleep

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, businesses across the country lose an estimated $28 billion a year due to the lack of sleep, which results in decreased productivity and time away from work. Most people cannot afford to take time off work simply because of not being able to sleep the night before. There are some simple methods for staying awake and being productive while operating on very little sleep.

Pay Attention To Your Internal Clock


Not going to bed on time can interfere with your internal clock and not having access to natural light during the day can also add to an internal clock malfunction. Seek out exposure to the sun, both in the morning and for short breaks during the day, to help reset the body’s internal patterns and avoid afternoon drowsiness. By the time night sets in you are often ready for bed.

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Move Around


Finding ways to move around throughout the day can help combat drowsiness. This can be accomplished by refreshing your water bottle, having a bathroom break once an hour, or simply taking a walk around the floor. If you are finding a need to move around more frequently throughout the day, one solution may be to invest in an adjustable height desk from which it is possible to work from either a sitting or standing position.

Switch Tasks


If it is not possible to get up from your desk very often; try simply switching tasks. Typically, most of us have a long list of tasks that need to accomplished, so try switching up tasks to the next one on the list until you are awake enough to return to the original task. You may want to prioritize the tasks on your to-do list to be able to get done what you need to get done today and push off tasks for another day, when you are most rested.

Think Light Lunches


When you ingest too many carbs during the day, or eat heavy meals, this will actually hinder your ability to stay awake on less sleep, especially in the afternoon. Carbohydrates provide shorts burst of energy that will leave you feeling burnt out when the fuel is spent. Eat plenty of light proteins such as chicken or fish, as well as fruits and vegetables, to maintain the sensation of feeling full and awake during the day.

Avoid Driving


Driving while you are sleepy has actually been compared with driving while drunk, it is not only dangerous for you, but for everyone around you. When you are tired, rely on public transportation or even carpooling. As an added benefit, if you are able to carpool with someone then you might be able to get a few minutes to close your eyes during the drive.