Environmental Strategies To Help With Weight Loss

January 10, 2024

Many factors influence the ways individuals gain or lose weight, such as genetics, diet, activity level, and environment. Though rare, severe metabolic disorders can make certain individuals unable to gain or lose weight. For almost everyone else, individuals can achieve weight loss through personal self-control. As individuals age, their metabolism naturally slows down, which means their caloric intake must be reduced while caloric burning must be increased to maintain their current weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to prevent various ailments such as diabetes and heart disease.

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Keep Tempting Food Out Of The House

It is important for individuals attempting to lose weight to keep tempting food out of the house. Tempting food can be subjective, so knowing personal weaknesses is key. High-calorie snacks like potato chips, candy, and cookies are obviously tempting food choices, but others are not so blatant. Any food high in calories without much nutritional value are considered 'empty calories' and are typically tempting as well. Empty calories refer to calories without nutritional value. Another less obvious tempting food is anything easy to prepare. Small, disposable single-serve packs of food are the perfect example of this. Easy to open, eat, and clean up, these items easily allow for over-indulgence. Microwaveable dishes are also easy and quick to heat, but can also be full of carbohydrates and unhealthy ingredients and lacking in essential nutrients. Eating these foods can be just as detrimental to weight loss as more obvious choices.

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Do Not Eat In Front Of Screens

Though it seems to go hand in hand, relaxing in front of the television while eating dinner often results in zoning out, which typically leads to eating more. This applies to television, computer, tablet, and cell phone screens. It is important to remain mindful when trying to lose weight, as concentrating on what is being consumed helps prevent overeating. Overeating can happen while watching a close game, scrolling through social media posts, or while engrossed in a favorite movie. Individuals may not even remember tasting and eating their food, leading to filling another plate of food to eat. Eating mindfully allows individuals to taste and savor their dinner, thus eating slower and eating less.

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Develop A Food Craving Distraction Technique

There are many ways to develop a food craving distraction technique. When a craving strikes, a distraction can keep individuals from indulging. Distractions can include anything a person loves to do, such as taking a shower, reading a book, going for a run or walk, or calling a friend to chat. When an individual feels a strong craving to eat something that is not diet-friendly, they can go to the list and quickly find a distraction. Akin to distraction, a substitution could also offer a quick escape from a food craving. Instead of having a chocolate candy bar, low-fat chocolate milk could be a good substitute. They would still get the chocolate they crave with a more nutritious snack. Sometimes substitutions could be completely different from the cravings such as a strawberry, which can act as a sweet alternative to ice cream or chocolate.

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Keep The Kitchen Tidy

It is a good idea to keep the kitchen tidy, as reports indicate this actually keeps individuals from overeating. A clean and tidy kitchen gives the impression cooking is finished for the day, which can be a mental stop sign for individuals who think they need a late-night snack out of boredom or habit. This strategy works because individuals are forced to consider having to clean up the kitchen after making a snack. It is especially helpful when all the dishes have been cleaned and put away. Individuals are more likely to stop for a few minutes and think about whether or not they are truly hungry before indulging in more food.

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Make Healthy Foods The Most Accessible

It is easy to make healthy foods the most accessible. Simply do not buy junk food when grocery shopping and purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and heart-healthy lean meats instead. Packing lunches for work instead of eating out can save thousands of calories a day as well. Snacking on items like dried berries and nuts can control cravings while satisfying hunger. Once home from grocery shopping, immediately cut up foods that could easily be made into salads or other quick, healthy meals and store them in the refrigerator. If it's easy to put together a healthy meal quickly, an individual will be more apt to eat it. Pre-wash foods like fruits and snack vegetables so they are easily accessible when hunger strikes.

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