10 Beauty Product Ingredients You Definitely Want To Avoid

The aura of beauty and glamor is all around which makes it nearly impossible to ignore. However, the usage of beauty products should be done with the utmost care by having a close look at its ingredients. They are packed with numerous chemicals some of which are toxic and are absorbed by the body. Many of the chemicals are skin irritants, skin penetrators, and endocrine disruptors. Following are ten of the most harmful chemicals to be avoided.

Parabens (Mimicking Agent)

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One of the most common cosmetic ingredients mainly used as preservatives in makeup products that stop bacteria, yeast, and mold from growing. This ingredient has another side to it; it can mimic estrogen (female sex hormone) very well. Due to this, it is believed to be the cause of breast cancer in many women. Parabens easily get absorbed in the body and are detected in many breast cancer tissues. This suggests an association between parabens in cosmetics and cancer. Women are more exposed to it because of daily usage of cosmetics. Parabens are found in makeup products, body washes, deodorants, shampoos, facial cleansers and even in the food consumed such as desserts, soft drinks, frozen dairy products, sauces and processed vegetables.

Saniya Alvi