9 Inexpensive Ways to Whiten Teeth Fast

White teeth have become increasingly desirable in modern society, and during 2015 alone, Americans spent $11 billion on teeth whitening. This astonishing figure includes a whopping $1.4 billion spent on at-home whitening products. Multiple factors can cause teeth to become dull or stained such as smoking, drinking coffee, cola or red wine, not brushing teeth regularly, and even aging. Rather than bleaching or going to a dentist and forking out hundreds of dollars, there just so happen to be trouble-free and reasonably inexpensive solutions. Check out these nine effective ways to whiten teeth fast.

Whitening Strips

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There is a huge market for whitening strips and many in North America will choose this treatment for convenience and affordability. Whitening strips will produce results within one week, but they should not be considered a permanent treatment option for stained teeth.