What Causes An Itchy Scalp?

One of the most annoying conditions is an itchy scalp. An itchy scalp can many times cause individuals to itch their scalp causing embarrassing social situations. If individuals are constantly scratching their scalp, they are also going to shed skin and hair onto their clothes, which is something they will have to take care of. The treatment options available for an itchy scalp and their effectiveness largely depend on the underlying cause of the itchy scalp. Additionally, the underlying cause can also influence the potential of other symptoms. With this in mind, it is clear the cause of one's itchy scalp is crucial to identify.

Here are a few of the things that can cause an itchy scalp.

Seasonal Changes

When there are seasonal changes, the body is going to go through changes as well. If individuals are suddenly living in a dry warm climate, their skin can start to get much drier. This can greatly affect the skin on the scalp. This will result in a very itchy scalp they will have to take care of with the right types of shampoos. This can also be true when individuals are in a much colder season, where their skin will become try due to the harsh winds and cold temperatures. Individuals may want to try wearing warm hats or using shampoos that can help with an itchy scalp.

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HealthPrep Staff