Guide To Popular Hair Removal Techniques

Unwanted hair on the face and other parts of the body can be a pain for many individuals. Patients may choose to remove unwanted hair at home, though certain hair removal techniques are provided at dermatology offices and spas. When selecting a hair removal technique, individuals must consider the location of the unwanted hair and how frequently the process may need to be repeated. 

As certain techniques may cause more pain than others, sometimes patients consider taking pain medications. They may also need soothing creams after hair removal. Hair removal is an excellent way to deal with unwanted lip hair and other areas of unwanted hair. Of course, hair removal cost is a significant factor, especially with techniques such as laser hair removal and electrolysis. Patients who have skin conditions or other health concerns may want to ask a doctor or dermatologist about the safest hair removal methods for their needs.



Shaving is one of the oldest methods of removing unwanted hair at home. Individuals may choose to shave with a razor or an electric shaver. Shaved areas generally remain hair-free for one to three days. Shaving is suitable for removing hair anywhere on the face and body. It is important to wet the skin before shaving, and patients should always apply soap, lotion, or shaving cream to the area as well. The hair should be shaved in the same direction as it grows to prevent issues such as ingrown hairs. Razors should be replaced once they become dull to reduce the risk of cuts. Some individuals who shave could develop ingrown hairs. These are most common in the bikini area. Patients should monitor their skin for redness or other signs of infection if they have ingrown hairs. Hair that has been shaved does not become coarse when it grows back.     

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Emily Fowler