Quick Hairstyles You Can Do In Under Five Minutes

We’ve all been there. You’re on track getting ready, then suddenly there’s less time on the clock than expected (‘how did eyeliner take fifteen minutes?!’). There are a handful of fallback hairdos everyone should master for those times when they find themselves a little behind schedule for whatever reason and need to have a nice hairstyle immediately.

Continue reading to find out our top picks of hairstyles anyone can do in five minutes or less. With this arsenal of quick and stylish hairstyles, you’ll be able to get ready for every occasion, from a date to an interview, faster than you can say hairspray.

The Low Knot


This is an elegant, simple style that works best with long, straight (or straightened) hair. The key is keeping the front of the style sleek and smooth, and pinning the ends of the hair under the 'knot' you make to create the look. Start with some root spray and back-combing to add volume, then smooth the top of the hair and part it down the middle from forehead to nape as if you were making pigtails. With one section of hair in each hand, twist and tie them together as if you were tying a knot. Do this twice (once if your hair isn’t long enough) and pin the ends under the knot. Finish up with medium hold hairspray and shine serum.

Put your knotting skills to the test with this next effective hairstyle.

HealthPrep Staff