What To Wear To A Job Interview For Men

That interview is fast approaching. The only real question is: what to wear? It is not ideal to show up in torn jeans and a T-shirt, especially a graphic shirt. Whether it is an entry-level job or an interview to move up in the corporate ladder, first impressions are everything. What an interviewer sees the second a person walks in the door is what will stay with them. The right outfit will leave a good, confident impact, though figuring out what works and what does not work for a job interview can be difficult.

For those men out there unsure about what to wear for an upcoming interview, feel free to make use of the following ideas and advice.

What Suit Should I Wear?


This has always been a classic, traditional style-of-choice for interviews, though the exact style and color will depend on the specific job. For starters though, focus on the fit. It is vital to choose a well-cut full suit to sell the right image, such as confident and polished. Men should not go for anything too tight or too loose, as it can damage the overall physique of the wearer. As for how to choose the right suit for the appropriate job and interview, if going for an interview in the boardroom or one for a corporate job, try for the classic gray or navy blue colors. Mid-grays are often ideal, and the single-breasted and two-button option also does well. For other workplaces, like those in the design or fashion industry, it doesn't hurt to show a bit more creativity such as using earth-tones and patterns.

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HealthPrep Staff