What To Wear To A Job Interview For Men

Dress Shirt & Dress Pants


Depending on the situation, skipping the suit as a whole and simply go for the dress shirt and dress pants option. It can still help give off that polished, professional appearance while not over or under-doing it. Again though, start out with the right fit. For the pants, be sure the hem does not drag on the floor and make sure the pants themselves do not sag. Add a belt, if necessary. A good brown or black leather belt can do wonders for an outfit. Also, be cautious and ensure the pants are not too tight. For the dress shirt, it is beneficial to take the long-sleeved, straight collared approach. The color of the shirt should be something solid, though as long as it is not overly loud with bright colors and patterns, it should be fine. The standard for dress pants tend to be black though.

Going into an interview where business casual may be more appropriate? Continue reading for another tip for dressing for the interview.

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