What Causes Hemotympanum?

Hemotympanum is a condition that occurs when blood is inside the middle ear, trapped near the eardrum. This leads to symptoms like having trouble hearing and feeling pain or pressure inside the ear. There are many different causes of hemotympanum. When a patient is diagnosed with this condition, the doctor will typically investigate the cause so as to treat the patient appropriately. Diagnosing the cause of hemotympanum is often based on the accompanying symptoms, and the doctor must take into account whether the patient has recently experienced any injuries. Medications and diseases are also potential causes of hemotympanum. Often, head scans and hearing tests are done as diagnostic procedures.

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Certain Bleeding Disorders


Certain bleeding disorders can cause hemotympanum if they are not diagnosed or treated. Some examples of these bleeding disorders are hemophilia and thrombocytopenic purpura. Hemophilia is a genetic blood disorder that causes a lack of clotting factors in the blood, and thrombocytopenic purpura is a disease of the immune system. These diseases cause the blood to be unable to clot. This increases the risk of bleeding into the ears. If someone with hemophilia sneezes, they may start bleeding and get hemotympanum. These disorders are very serious, but there is not much a doctor can do about them besides check up on the patient every now and then.

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