Causes Of Laryngeal Cancer To Watch For

Immune System Issues


Two types of immune system issues cause or occur with laryngeal cancer: autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiencies. Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, cause your body to mistakenly attack itself, and immunodeficiencies denote the immune system’s inability to protect the body from infection owing to an immuno-compromising agent, such as HIV. Evidence indicates the risk of laryngeal cancer is three times higher among individuals who are HIV+. Similarly, lupus increases the risk of several types of cancer, including laryngeal cancer. Even if you are disease-free, your risk may be elevated through supplementation of any immuno-compromising agent, including medications that inadvertently lower your immunity to viruses. Lowered immunity to papillomaviruses and subsequent infection are also linked with cancer of the larynx.

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