How Ewing Sarcoma Is Treated And Managed

One of the many rare types of cancer is Ewing sarcoma, which begins in either the bones or the soft tissue surrounding the bones. While Ewing sarcoma can occur within any bone, it most frequently starts in the long bones found in the arms, legs, or pelvis. It’s less common for this cancer to begin in soft tissue, but still possible. Ewig sarcoma can occur no matter an individual’s age, but it’s more commonly found in young adults and teenagers. Over the past few decades, there have been quite a few advancements in the ways Ewing sarcoma is treated. These significantly improve quality of life and life expectancy for patients. There’s no known way to prevent Ewing sarcoma, and no causes for the disease are currently known.

Surgical Intervention

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One of the many available treatment methods for Ewing sarcoma is surgical intervention. The main goal of surgery for cancer treatment is to remove all of the cancer cells, or at least as many as possible. Removing cancer cells can lead to remission and slow the spread of the disease, or stop the disease entirely. There are other surgical procedures associated with Ewing sarcoma as well. Depending on the circumstances, a surgeon might perform an operation to minimize a patient’s disability and maintain the function of their affected limb or limbs. Surgeries might involve the removal of a small piece of bone, or in more severe cases, the removal of a limb.

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