Symptoms Of Laryngeal Cancer

Laryngeal cancer is a cancer of the larynx, otherwise known as the voice box. Your larynx is a part of your throat found at your windpipe’s entrance, and it plays a vital role in letting you speak and breathe. Laryngeal cancer is most common in individuals older than sixty, and it tends to be more commonly found in men than in women. However, this doesn’t mean those under sixty years old are immune. It’s vital to see a doctor if you experience any symptoms of laryngeal cancer. Even if they aren’t cancerous, they could be a sign of another infection or hormonal issue. The general rule is to see a doctor if symptoms don’t clear up in three weeks. If your primary physician deems it necessary, you might have tests done by a hospital specialist.

In any case, watch out for these symptoms.

Pain When Swallowing


Tumors on your larynx can obstruct the throat and cause damage to your trachea. This means you might experience pain when swallowing and have trouble swallowing. It might feel like food is getting stuck in your throat, or as if you have to take tiny bites to keep from choking. This kind of change is unusual and should be a cause for concern.

However, many other conditions can cause this pain. Strep throat is a common infection that can cause both swallowing pain and neck swelling. Tonsillitis can cause pain when swallowing along with tenderness in the jaw. Epiglottitis, a throat infection that inflames your epiglottis, can also make you have trouble swallowing. The main takeaway is while it’s unlikely swallowing pain is an indication of severe cancer, you should see a health professional if symptoms persist. Even if a smaller infection causes it, undergoing treatment is your best bet to fight the illness off.

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