Overview Of Foods To Avoid For Kidney Cancer Patients

August 31, 2023

The kidneys are two organs that help filter the substances in an individual's body. One kidney is on either side of the spine. Kidney cancer refers to any cancer that starts in the kidneys. The most frequently diagnosed type of kidney cancer in adults is called renal cell carcinoma. However, there are other, rarer forms of the disease. When children are diagnosed with kidney cancer, it is most commonly Wilms' tumor. Many kidney cancers are diagnosed early, before they can spread to other parts of the body.

Kidney cancer treatment starts with surgery to remove the cancer when possible. Complete kidney removal may be necessary. Patients can also receive treatment to heat or freeze cancer cells. Radiation therapy for advanced kidney cancer is another option for patients. Immunotherapy for kidney cancer may also be considered.

Fast Food

Kidney cancer patients need to avoid fast food. Some fast foods are more unhealthy than others, and individuals might notice a different impact depending on where they eat. Fast food often has many nutrients in it, though it is also very calorie-dense. However, the problem is that fast food is extremely salty. High salt levels are standard in nearly all fast-food restaurants because they make food taste better. If individuals consume too much salt, they can disrupt the balance of fluids in their body.

Salt contains electrolytes, which are essential to staying hydrated. Too many electrolytes, however, can be just as damaging as too few. Consuming too much salt can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure, in turn, can cause the kidneys to lose their function more quickly and severely. Rather than using salt to flavor food, it is best to use a combination of spices and herbs. If individuals do begin using any strange herbs, they must make sure to consult their doctor beforehand.

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Nuts And Seeds

Having sunflower seeds or peanuts as an occasional snack is fine. Nuts and seeds are often a valuable protein source, which is vital if individuals want to maintain muscle health and energy. However, eating too many nuts and seeds can have ill effects on a kidney cancer patient. The problem is that these foods have high levels of phosphorous. Phosphorous, like the sodium found in salt, is a necessary electrolyte. It is one of many materials individuals need to consume for ongoing bone strength.

In kidney disease or kidney cancer patients, though, phosphorous might build up in the bloodstream without being properly cleared. An excess of phosphorous in the blood can lead to joint pain, itchiness, and general feelings of unwellness. If individuals are not experiencing itching or joint pain, their diet probably does not have too much phosphorous. Although, if individuals are struggling with these symptoms, reducing the amount of nuts and seeds they eat can be very helpful. The same is true of beans.

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Deli Meat

Deli meats are another food that can cause problems because of the high amount of salt they contain. If individuals eat too much deli meat at one time, they may end up developing high blood pressure. A little meat in a sandwich will not generally be a problem, but that only remains true if individuals have a sandwich once in a while. Suppose individuals are eating a giant multi-layer roast beef sandwich for lunch every day at work. In that case, they are more likely to develop hypertension.

Deli meat tends to have more salt than other meats because the salt is used to preserve it. One slice of deli meat can have more than 350 milligrams of sodium in it. In addition, most individuals have sandwiches with more than one slice of deli meat. Experts recommend switching to non-processed meat instead, since these are not packed with as many preservatives. Some deli meats have potentially unhealthy preservatives called nitrates, which are not good to ingest whether or not an individual has kidney cancer. It is also common to find fatty portions of deli meat, and high-fat foods are not suitable for individuals with kidney issues.

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Canned Food

Canned food is best to avoid because, like deli meats and fast food, it tends to be rich in sodium. The increased sodium preserves the contents of the can for longer. It also enhances the taste of the food. Cutting back sodium may be difficult at first, even if individuals compensate with spices and herbs. Many individuals claim that their food tastes bland during this time. However, once their tongue adjusts to the lower amount of sodium, individuals will often find that fast food and processed foods are too salty.

If individuals purchase canned food at the grocery store, they can check the nutrition label to see how much sodium it includes. Nutrition labels will tell individuals how much is in a single serving. Some cans may have anywhere from two to four servings inside. Thus, individuals must make sure that they are not underestimating the amount of salt they are consuming. The best canned foods are ones with low sodium and high nutrition levels. Individuals can sometimes find these with organic manufacturers and grocery stores.

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Processed Cereals

Processed cereals may be high in phosphorous, particularly processed bran cereals. As mentioned earlier, if individuals are not experiencing joint pain or itchy skin, they probably do not have too much phosphorous in their diet. However, when individuals are struggling with these symptoms, reducing their phosphorous intake can help. Kidney cancer patients might want to switch to fresh and organic cereal instead of using the processed ones. Breakfast cereals make for an easy meal, which helps patients who are dealing with pain and fatigue. Some breakfast cereals are fortified with extra nutrients as well. If the cereal is fortified with extra phosphorous, though, individuals may want to look for a different brand. Cereals are made from grains, and they go through many processing steps. A lot of these cereals have added sugars, which can contribute to chronic illnesses and exacerbate kidney symptoms.

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