Overview Of Foods To Avoid For Kidney Cancer Patients

The kidneys are two organs that help filter the substances in an individual's body. One kidney is on either side of the spine. Kidney cancer refers to any cancer that starts in the kidneys. The most frequently diagnosed type of kidney cancer in adults is called renal cell carcinoma. However, there are other, rarer forms of the disease. When children are diagnosed with kidney cancer, it is most commonly Wilms' tumor. Many kidney cancers are diagnosed early, before they can spread to other parts of the body.

Kidney cancer treatment starts with surgery to remove the cancer when possible. Complete kidney removal may be necessary. Patients can also receive treatment to heat or freeze cancer cells. Radiation therapy for advanced kidney cancer is another option for patients. Immunotherapy for kidney cancer may also be considered.

Fast Food


Kidney cancer patients need to avoid fast food. Some fast foods are more unhealthy than others, and individuals might notice a different impact depending on where they eat. Fast food often has many nutrients in it, though it is also very calorie-dense. However, the problem is that fast food is extremely salty. High salt levels are standard in nearly all fast-food restaurants because they make food taste better. If individuals consume too much salt, they can disrupt the balance of fluids in their body. 

Salt contains electrolytes, which are essential to staying hydrated. Too many electrolytes, however, can be just as damaging as too few. Consuming too much salt can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure, in turn, can cause the kidneys to lose their function more quickly and severely. Rather than using salt to flavor food, it is best to use a combination of spices and herbs. If individuals do begin using any strange herbs, they must make sure to consult their doctor beforehand.

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Katherine MacAulay