These Potent Cancer Fighters Are Hiding In Your Home Spice Rack

May 2, 2022

Cancer is a devastating condition out there. The vast majority of individuals have either had cancer or know someone who has. The causes of cancer vary based on the type. Lung cancer, for instance, has smoking as a significant cause. However, many causes are currently unknown. There are, of course, potential links to air pollution, refined foods, a lack of exercise, and even genetics.

Cancer treatment often starts with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Many patients also undergo immunotherapy for cancer. Stem cell research is also on the rise when it comes to treating cancer. Although treatments for cancer exist, and can help individuals beat their disease, there is no clear cure for cancer. In addition, patients have more work to do than just undergoing treatment. They also need to keep their body as strong as possible. This starts with making the right dietary choices for fighting cancer.


Turmeric is quite high in antioxidants and is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Most individuals know about turmeric because of its iconic color, which is an orange-yellow. This color is the result of turmeric's main ingredient: curcumin. Turmeric is most commonly used in both savory and sweet dishes, though it is also used in medicines and cosmetics.

The reason turmeric is such an excellent cancer-fighting spice is that it contains a powerful compound known as curcumin. Extensive research has indicated that curcumin can kill cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading. Turmeric seems to be most effective at preventing certain types of cancer, including breast, bowel, stomach, and skin cancer. However, individuals should be aware not to ingest too much turmeric, as this can result in negative side effects.

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Sage, a member of the mint family, helps fight cancer and is also useful for improving memory. It is an essential herb used to help liven up many types of dishes. Sage is most popularly used in savory dishes as a fresh herb. However, sweet foods, including baked goods, may also contain sage. This herb is also considered highly aromatic. Now, more evidence is showing that sage has strong cancer-fighting abilities. It is high in antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Some experts even claim that sage improves an individual's memory, attention span, and even boosts their mood. Clary sage essential oil, which is incredibly common in aromatherapy, is also said to be an effective cancer-fighter.

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Cumin is a major immune system booster thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains, which include B vitamins, thiamin, iron, vitamin E, potassium, and phosphorus. This spice is also a good source of fiber and protein. Cumin seeds have a spicy and even earthy taste to them. Cumin helps individuals fight cancer because of its ability to boost their immune system. In other words, it helps the immune system do what it is supposed to do.

Of course, individuals should also know that there are other health benefits linked to cumin. Cumin prevents hypoglycemia and stabilizes blood sugar. Some research indicates that it is also suitable for asthma and bronchitis. Individuals who want the best results from cumin for fighting cancer should buy whole cumin seeds and grind them just before they are going to be used.

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Cinnamon is most commonly used in sweet foods such as baked goods, yogurt, cereals, and puddings. However, it is also added to savory foods like soups, stews, and meat dishes. In addition to tasting delicious, cinnamon is also a powerful cancer-fighter. It contains many vital minerals and vitamins that help it do this, including fiber, iron, vitamin K, manganese, and calcium. It can help prevent cancer from growing and might be strong enough to kill cancerous cells.

Similar to other cancer fighters found in the kitchen, cinnamon contains lots of antioxidants. It also has significant anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Cinnamon also helps regulate blood sugar and reduces an individual's blood pressure and cholesterol simultaneously. Individuals can get the health benefits of cinnamon from the whole bark or when it is ground as well. There is no need to choose between the two.

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Cayenne, a spicy ingredient, is high in nutrients such as vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin E, and manganese. The spice has been used for a very long time both in food and as a medicine. Many individuals know cayenne as a weight loss ingredient. However, it may be even better at fighting cancer. Capsaicin, the active substance in cayenne, is what helps fight off cancer cells. Cayenne may be particularly effective at preventing lung cancer caused by smoking and liver and prostate cancers. In addition to being anti-cancer, cayenne improves digestion and boosts the metabolism to aid in weight loss. It also relieves migraines, reduces allergic reactions, prevents blood clots, and heals psoriasis.

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Cilantro And Coriander

Cilantro and coriander contain vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. They are high in antioxidants and are also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Cilantro, a popular flowering plant, is often used in cooking, particularly in Asian cuisine. It has a citrusy flavor, though some individuals claim that it tastes like soap. Coriander is the seed that the cilantro plant produces after it flowers, and it has a warm and spicy taste. Some individuals even say that it tastes a little bit nutty. Cilantro and coriander have powerful health benefits, including helping prevent cancer, especially colon cancer. It is a well-known detoxifier and helps rid the body of heavy metals (even stubborn deposits) that, when accumulated, can cause cancer.

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Garlic is a part of the allium vegetable family, and may prevent cancer, specifically stomach cancer. It contains organosulfur compounds, which have immune-boosting and anti-carcinogenic properties. Garlic is also full of phytochemicals and flavonoids, which are powerful anti-cancer substances. Garlic also possesses antimicrobial, antithrombotic, and antitumor properties. These properties help reduce the formation of blood clots.

Recent research into alliums vegetables and their anti-carcinogenic properties have proven that garlic can lower the risk of stomach, intestinal, prostate, and colon cancers. This is because garlic stops cancer cells in its tracks by blocking the formation of the activation of the cancerous cells. Garlic also contains potent antibacterial compounds and has been proven to speed up DNA repair, induce apoptosis, and kill cancerous cells. Garlic is a highly versatile cooking essential and spice. For instance, it can be sauteed with olive oil, baked onto bread, made into a spread, and added to numerous meat and vegetable dishes.

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Another mighty spice that prevents cancer that can be found in most kitchens is ginger. Fresh ginger contains gingerol, and dried ginger creates zingerone. Zingerone and gingerol are believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help protect the body from cancer. Specifically, gingerol is what gives this spice its distinct flavor. It may also slow the growth of colon cancer cells and promote apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells.

One particular study from Georgia State University performed a lab test that used whole ginger extract. It discovered that prostate cancer tumors shrunk by fifty-six percent in the subjects. The study also further proved that ginger reduces inflammation and is rich in antioxidants as well. Ginger is excellent grated into rice or lentils, steeped in hot water, and other savory or sweet dishes. It is best to store garlic in the freezer.

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Black Pepper

Black pepper is probably the one spice that every household uses regularly. It is a berry and contains the active substance piperine, a naturally derived chemical with strong antioxidant properties. A study conducted at the University Of Michiganrevealed that pepper and turmeric inhibited cancerous stem cells' growth in breast tumors. However, fortunately, this mighty spice does not destroy healthy cells. Black pepper is an essential spice, as it can be added to a variety of dishes, from soups, casseroles, eggs, meats, and vegetables. It is also a great alternative to generic table salt.

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Another popular Italian herb used in many savory dishes is oregano. This herb contains carvacrol, a molecule that can help stop the spread of cancerous cells, as it is a natural disinfectant. Carvacrol is also found in similar herbs such as basil, thyme, mint, marjoram, and parsley. Foods marinated in oregano might decrease the formation of heterocyclic amines (HCAs). These chemicals are produced when meat is cooked at high temperatures and are possible carcinogens. Oregano also contains antioxidants and is a powerful parasite fighter. A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture noted it has higher antioxidant levels than fruits and vegetables when compared ounce by ounce. Oregano can be used in a variety of dishes.

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Rosemary, another popular herb, also has many cancer-fighting properties. It is incredibly versatile. The two significant ingredients found in rosemary are caffeic acid and rosemarinic acid, which are chemical compounds that are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatories. This herb is also rich in carnosol, resulting in rosemary being antitumorigenic, which helps stop tumor formation. Rosemary has also been discovered to detoxify compounds that can initiate the development of breast cancer. Terpenes is another incredible ingredient found in rosemary. It helps decrease oxidative stress and is chemoprotective, which protects the healthy tissues from the side effects of chemotherapy.

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Parsley, another highly versatile and popular herb, contains myristicin. This oil has proven in lab tests to inhibit the development of tumors in the lungs of its subjects. Considering what this oil can do, it qualifies as a chemoprotective food. This potent, cancer-fighting herb helps neutralize specific carcinogens as well, such as second-hand smoke from cigarettes. Parsley also has apigenin, another natural oil connected to anti-angiogenesis, which is the reduction in blood vessel growth that supplies cancerous tumors with nutrients, resulting in the tumor growing and spreading.

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