Top Food and Drink To Sooth Tonsillectomy

A tonsillectomy, the removal of infected tonsils, is a common procedure to relieve pain, but the after-effects can lead to an uncomfortable few days. When the tonsils are removed, two scabs form at the back of the mouth, and there may be bleeding. It becomes difficult to eat with pain from the incision, but for children and adults alike, there are some soft food options to maintain health and energy levels. Apart from food, it is important to keep liquid intake in check.

10. Sports Drinks

Sports Energy drinks
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Drinks with added vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes can help when solid food is too painful. They will provide nutrients and energy while a patient is in recovery mode. Liquids are an important factor in this phase to help combat dehydration, and the drinks will help heal the back of the throat. They could help any nausea by coating the stomach, but carbonated beverages and acidic juices should be avoided.