10 Obnoxious Effects Of Mumps

The mumps virus, Rubulavirus, is contagious, particularly among people who are nonimmune to it. When affected by mumps, a person might not know he or she has the illness at first, as some symptoms do not show up immediately. It is spread primarily by saliva and direct contact with others already contaminated with the virus, and the most visible clue is swollen glands. It is an illness that has to be waited out over about two weeks, but symptoms can be relieved.

10. Loss Of Appetite

Boy not wanting to eat
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One of the minor symptoms showing up before patients even realize they are infected is a loss of appetite. It usually occurs during the phase of aches, weakness, and fatigue. Patients can also have pain with chewing and difficult swallowing, which could exasperate the problem. Drinking liquids and eating soft foods like ice cream, smoothies, gelatin, cream soup and mashed potatoes might be easy to stomach and maintain nutrient and vitamin levels.