Ways To Treat Pneumonia Safely And Effectively

Pneumonia is an infection of the air sacs in one or both lungs, which causes them to become inflamed and infected with pus or fluid. Symptoms include fever, chills, difficulty breathing, and a severe cough. The top five causes of pneumonia include viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas, fungus, and various other chemicals. Risk factors include cigarette smoking, chronic lung disease, and having an impaired immune system. Treatment depends on the type of infection. These tips can help reduce the duration or severity of pneumonia.



Even if pneumonia is caused by a viral infection and will not benefit from an antibiotic, it is important to seek the treatment of a medical professional to treat pneumonia. Antibiotics are available to help treat bacterial infections, but they will not help a viral infection. A doctor will need to prescribe an antibiotic; however, including foods with natural antibiotic properties may also help. These may include raw garlic, raw honey, cabbage, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and fermented foods.