5 Reasons To Get A Flu Shot Every Year

Kid getting a flu shot by a doctor in the arm
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Every year, new flu vaccines are created and released in order to keep up with flu viruses that continue to adapt. These flu viruses have such rapid evolution that a vaccine from last year may not be able to protect you from a virus this year. Once vaccinated, your immune system will react by producing antibodies, protecting you from viruses.

It’s quite possible that if you don’t get your flu vaccine yearly, you could catch the influenza strain of the season. It can leave you sick in bed for a week or worse, you could wind up hospitalized. Influenza circulates on a world wide scale and can affect anyone. Each year, thousands of people die from complications brought on by the flu.

5. Viruses Vary From Year to Year
The flu shot that protected you last year may not have the ability to protect you this year. This is because the virus can change over time. There are two different types of changes or shifts. The Antigenic “drift” is a change that happens slowly. It can occur when your immune system doesn’t recognize the flu virus from one year to the next. You are protected against the season’s most common flu virus strains when you take the flu vaccine yearly.

Influenza virus’s research can nearly always successfully pinpoint the most likely illnesses that will come up during flu season. The vaccines are updated each year based on the influenza viruses that are responsible for making people sick. The research is a joined effort between 100 countries and involves the testing of thousands of virus samples.

4. Health Complications Avoided
Influenza is a harmful disease that can result in hospitalization and sometimes death. Influenza infection can affect people differently, resulting in even the healthiest of people being very ill. A flu can lead to complications such as pneumonia, ear or sinus infections.

3. For Those With Chronic Medical Conditions
If you have chronic medical conditions, it’s eve more important to protect yourself from influenza every year. Influenza can worsen conditions for the following;

• Asthma
• Brain disorders
• Problems with the spinal cord, peripheral nerve, cerebral palsy
• Seizure disorders
• Stroke
• Chronic lung disease
• Heart Disease
• Blood disorders
• Kidney disorders
• Liver disorders
• Cancer
• Obesity

2. High Level of Protection
Health experts determine which flu strains will dominate the upcoming flu season. The flu vaccine is created from their research and is formulated to protect against three to four strains. When this research is correct, the vaccine can be up to 90% effective for a healthy adult. Seniors that are 65+ will receive a higher dose of the flu vaccine to ensure effectiveness.

1. The Body Makes Antibodies for Protection
Sometimes the vaccine doesn’t match the virus of the season. In this case, it’s still better to have the vaccine as you are protected against at least one of the strains circulating. When you get vaccinated against just one strain of a virus, your body creates antibodies. These antibodies protect you against the strains.